Love is a Card Game

Love is a Card Game

Just like love, card games, particularly poker, is challenging.  There is a system of highly convoluted rules that change depending on the dealer and the players as they sit down.  This type of player is generally owned by gamblers and those who do not rely on luck and fortune to plot out a win.

Just like in the game of love, it isn’t always the person you expect to win the prize.   It is usually the same guy who walks off with the winnings, seemingly reliant on skill instead of luck.

If you look at romance and love as if it were a card game, you can gain some insight on what you can do to improve your gain.

What is a good hand?

Generally speaking, the cards with the highest numbers usually win.  But, played correctly, low cards can eventually win the day.  If you look at this in the way of love, what initially appears to be a winner may be beaten by someone who is a better match.

Why Is a Jack lower than a King?

If you continue on the lines of this metaphor, the Jack is constantly playing, preferring the quick hook-up to a full partnership. The King, on the other hand has a higher rating because he is a real man capable of real relationships.

The power of holding

In some games, you can always hold, or check. This means you don’t have to bet; you can stand still and take the opportunity to see what your fellow player may be willing to disclose. In this way, you can wait before you make your move on a potential partner so you can see how other people invest in a relationship.  By holding you can see if a bet is worth the investment.

Calling a Bet

At some point you have to decide if you want to take the chance.  This is best seen when you look at what your fellow players bring to the game.  Are you willing to match what someone else is willing to do.


If you stop taking a chance before the game is over, you don’t lose as much.  Recognize when you have not been dealt a winning hand.  Instead of trying to bluff your way to the rest of the game, cut your losses before you lose too much.

Wild card

Unless you are playing a professional game, the rules are very flexible.  Sometimes people will toss in the chance of a wild card. This can make a joker seem valuable. In that way, the wild card may have an importance to you that no one else can see. Stick by your choice and you may just emerge the winner.

Go all in?

If you have the best hand and are willing to see how high the stakes really are, you can safely commit to your choice.   If you know that you are the one and only in your partner’s eyes, you can confidently go all in by proclaiming that your relationship is the real thing. This will cause anyone else trying to play in this game to cash in their chips and go home.

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