Understanding Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual and the human world

Alchemy is something that has been studied for years and years because it holds a big place in history. This is when you take knowledge and traditions, and you use root traditions and chemistry to make things happen. This was developed in religious and philosophical times and is part of mysticism and other religious practices and is connected to chemistry.

Understanding Alchemy

There are different ideas behind alchemy, and they go back to Egyptian times. There is a connection between the spiritual and physical world and the gods such as Thoth and Hermes. The world alchemy is from the Greek word Khemka which means giving or “black earth.” 

Alchemy is considered an art, and it has changing forms and matters. It is a form of chemistry before chemistry came and the main object of it is:

  • To find the Stone of Knowledge.
  • To find Eternal Youth and health.
  • To find Transmutation of Metals.

Opus Magnum

This means “Great Work” and is part of alchemy that means working with prima materials or physical matter. This is done to create the Philosopher’s Stone which is a chemical substance that can turn base metals into gold or silver. This can also rejuvenate, and b eased to find mortality. 

Alchemical Opus Magnus is a journey that changes and goes through different colors. It is represented by the colors:

  • Nigredo which means blackening or melanosis.
  • Albedo which means whitening or leucosis.
  • Citrinitas which means yellowing or xanthosis.
  • Rubedo which means reddening or losis.

This is the goal of alchemy to produce Magnum Opis which means to change your spiritual self and to get rid of impurities and to realize how to communicate with the divine and to find purpose.


Alchemy focuses on purification and perfecting things. This is when the chrysopeia changes and the transmutation of base metals such as copper can turn into gold or silver. This is thought to bring immortality and to cure diseases.

This is spiritual alchemy and means that you have materials in you that can change your thoughts and your awareness and can work with the body to create a lighter state of being. This means that if you have things that are blocking your creation then you can approach this and focus on the heart and undergo a spiritual change.

Meanings of Alchemy

People use alchemy to understand the process of things through symbols and meanings. Here are some of the meanings of alchemy:

Alchemical Trinity

  • Sulfur which means Infinite God and consciousness.
  • Mercury which represents creative power.
  • Salt which represents self.

Mercury works with the mind to change the energy and to act as a medium between the salt and sulfur. This is because there is a messenger between the gods and the people. This is a powerful creative power called primordial force.


There are five elements that work with the world and the body, and these are made up of philosophy, medicine, science, alchemy and more:

  • Aether.
  • Fire.
  • Water.
  • Air.
  • Earth.

These include other things that are part of the elements:

  • Circle: Soul.
  • Square: Body.
  • Triangle: Spirit.

Seven Metals of the Planets

There are seven metals that work with the planets and the gods, and they are all alchemical symbolism. The symbols have elements that they represent including:

  • Lead: Saturn.
  • Iron: Mars.
  • Tin: Jupiter.
  • Gold: Sun.
  • Mercury.
  • Silver: Moon.
  • Copper: Venus.

Other Alchemy Symbols:

  • Antimony: wild spirit of man.
  • Arsenic: Image of a swan.
  • Bismuth.
  • Magnesium: Alba or Mild Magnesium.
  • Phosphorus: Light and spirit.
  • Alchemist: Platinum.
  • Potash.
  • Zinc.
  • Quintessence.

Stages of Change

Here are the stages of change:

  • Calcination which means purifying yourself.
  • Dissolution: Solids into liquid.
  • Separation: Hidden substances.
  • Conjunction: Processes inside of you.
  • Fermentation: Chemical breakdown.
  • Distillation: Impurities are removed.
  • Coagulation: Spiritual change.

These are changes that can be seen in the body with the blood and having impurities removed:

  • Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual alchemy is an occult practice that uses the spiritual awakening to renew your mind and your soul. It is part of your personality and as the metals change the person can change to have spiritual transformation. Alchemy is used in phyllophyte and can help with this change. It is the place where people want to go to reach a higher level and to have peace and renewal of the soul.

  • Violet Flame

This is when you use a purple candle to speed up the spiritual changes. You can add crystals to increase your energy and to help your manifestation powers. Adding essential oils such as lavender can help you to feel good and can relax you and bring magic to it.

  • Grounding

Before you ever try this make sure that you are grounded and that your chakras are strong. The chakras need to be grounded so that you can let your energy flow correctly.

  • Meditating

Meditate in the now and make sure that you do this so that you can bring balance to your body and clear your mind of negativity. This can get you in the right place.

  • Invite the Guides

Ask the guides and your guardian angels to come and keep you safe anytime you are doing some kind of spiritual work.

  • Transformation

Imagine a violet light going around you and protecting you so that you can get out of negative light.

  • Violet Cords

Visualize the cords around you and imagine a violet cord connecting you from nature to the spiritual world. This can be a way to let go of your fear and your worry. Imagine it being connected to plants, flowers, trees, and other nature and become one with it.

  • Changes

The elements will come together as you manifest change. You can work through the stages of transformation as many times as you need to. Allow the violet flame to flow through you and imagine the power of the elements to fill you and to bring you creative power. Call on them from the north, south, east, and west and expect there to be power.

Spiritual alchemy can be powerful and help you to let go of things in your past that are holding you back. Let your life get rid of negative emotions and fear and take all the time that you need to change and to transfer. Meditate and do this as many times as you need to support you through your awakening or your spiritual journey.