Have Her Chasing You in No Time!

Have Her Chasing You in No Time!

Men sometimes have a hard time knowing what a woman is thinking and they try to come up with ways to get her to chase him. Sometimes they struggle with romance even. There are men that become interested in women and they will sometimes feel helpless in this because they like them so much, but they aren’t sure how she feels.

But the truth is, you have what it takes to make her notice you. If you use the right moves, chances are she will be chasing after you. Of course, you have to have confidence in yourself and self-esteem that turns almost any woman on.

Making Her Chase You!

The first thing that you have to do is to have self-confidence in who you are. You can be confident, but you have to make sure that your self-esteem is booming. Then, you have to have a connection. If you have a connection with someone, this is all it takes to start a relationship. As your connection builds, you will get your dream relationship.

Here are some ways to have her chasing you in no time!

  • Make Friends with Her Friends

Don’t just stay in your own circle but learn to be friends with the friends she has. This can let them get to know you and then they will be in your corner when you try to move forward with her.

  • Give Her the Power

Women like to have the power and they sometimes like to even be the dominate one. You can let her see that she has power over you, and this will get her to notice you.

  • Be Available…. Sometimes

Be available when she asks you to do things but don’t be available all the time. You don’t want her to think that you’re needy.

  • Get to Know Her

Get to know everything that you can about her. Get to know the real her and the genuine her. Make sure that you aren’t worried about her just because she looks good.

  • Make a Connection

As mentioned above, you can start a relationship with someone if you can make a connection with them. Find anything that you have in common such as movies, hobbies, career dreams, goals or anything that will give you a starting connection.

  • Live Your Own Life

Let her see that things aren’t just about her and that you have your own life. Let her see all the great things that you are doing and the things that you have going on.

  • Tell Her How You Feel

You can always make the move and tell her how you feel about her. Don’t be too forward, of course, but if you are direct in what you want and think then she will see that you’re genuine and she will respect that about you.

Final Thoughts

You can get a girl and you have the chance to have a shot with anyone that is single. Of course, things might or might not go your way and either way, that’s okay! If she doesn’t like you and you find that the connection isn’t there, find someone else.

Nothing well ever happen though if you don’t make a move. Put yourself out there, be confident and show her what she is missing out on by not getting to know you more!


  1. I appreciate the well-rounded advice presented in this piece. It’s insightful to see the importance of balancing availability and showcasing one’s own life. The tips on creating a meaningful connection and expressing one’s feelings sincerely are invaluable. This is a must-read for anyone navigating the complexities of modern romance.

  2. This is absolutely preposterous! The notion of ‘making her chase you’ is inherently manipulative and undermines the essence of genuine human connection. Relationships should be built on mutual respect and understanding, not on these superficial tactics. Disappointed.

  3. The advice given here emphasizes self-confidence and personal growth, which are crucial in any relationship.

  4. This article provides a refreshing perspective on understanding the intricacies of human connection. The emphasis on self-confidence and genuine interaction is truly commendable. Developing a rapport with her friends and respecting her autonomy are brilliant strategies that can build a strong foundation for any relationship.

  5. This is quite an interesting perspective on relationships. Confidence and genuine connection are indeed essential aspects.

  6. While some points are valid, like the emphasis on confidence and being genuine, the article seems to oversimplify complex human emotions and relationships. It’s not always about ‘making her chase you,’ but rather about building a sincere connection based on mutual interests and respect.

  7. I must say, this article has some genuinely insightful tips. Confidence and self-esteem are indeed crucial elements in forming any meaningful connection. Kudos to the author for emphasizing the importance of being genuine and authentic in relationships. Nicely done!

  8. Oh, fantastic! We are now in an era where relationships are reduced to a checklist. I can’t wait to use these groundbreaking tips to manufacture a ‘genuine’ connection. Truly revolutionary.

  9. Balancing availability with maintaining one’s own life is crucial. It shows that you value your independence and interests.

  10. Sure, because nothing screams romance like ‘making friends with her friends’ or ‘letting her see that you have your own life.’ This article is like a bad rom-com script. Entertaining but hardly practical!

  11. The idea of making friends with her friends is interesting. It can help in understanding her better, but it should be done sincerely.


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