About Me

Hello! It’s nice to “meet” you. My name is Sienna Bender. I’m a psychic and spiritual healer. The condensed version of my story is that I like to help people see what they’re not seeing, and get their lives back on the right track. I help people recall things they forgot long ago and show them how to navigate hardships in a healthier way.

I’m a teacher of teachers and a healer of healers. I practice metaphysical healing arts and have completed counseling and ethics coursework in holistic studies. I set out on my spiritual path through meditation and soon began exploring other metaphysical and spiritual philosophies when I was 16 years old. I felt connected to my spirit for the first time in my life. Even then, I knew I was just starting.

I have a simple goal in life: to be love. I aspire to this goal for other people in a variety of ways. I believe that healing is most effective when we focus on learning unconditional love for ourselves, rather than on changing our lives. This unconditional love is the purest way to be love.

It is not my job to heal you. I will help you learn how you can heal yourself. I believe that an important component of my life goal is to make spirituality and healing attainable for all. I’m honest and I don’t sugar-coat things, but I’m always compassionate and caring. If you need more of these attributes in your life, consider scheduling an appointment with me.

In my teaching and healing, my purpose is to be a channel for the universe to guide other people on their journey of self-healing. I believe that true healing can only occur when our limiting beliefs, judgments, and fears evolve, allowing us to recover our fundamental relationship to love. We can establish this connection only if we’re willing to unconditionally love ourselves.

Here’s a little bit more of my story. When I was a child, I was withdrawn, passive, and shy, and I found it difficult to show my true self to anyone else. In part, this was due to having no idea who my true self was.  remember feeling confused about life, and I pondered my purpose in life as young as age 7. I could always sense and know things about other people, but I had no context to describe these things. So, I convinced myself they weren’t real and tried to keep them a secret.

I have many memories of lying on my back outside at night and gazing at the stars. I would talk to them as I speculated about the possible existence of other worlds. In those moments, I felt a genuine oneness with them. I also kept these musings to myself.

It was a blessing to have two of my most influential spiritual teachers—my grandmother and my aunt—living with my family. These two wise and gifted women showed me how I could assimilate my new-found esoteric knowledge into my day-to-day life. But as I learned, I became hungrier for more. Every psychic I consulted told me that I was a leader, healer, and teacher. Even so, it took me several years to reach a place of true acceptance of these things.

Finally, when I was 19 years old, I recognized that becoming a healer was the only thing I could imagine doing with my life. During college, I honed my approach and learned how to apply my psychic abilities in my chosen profession. I had no idea at the time how this would awaken and evolve in ways I never dreamed could be possible. I learned many of the methods and techniques that I now practice, as well as an optimal level of mindfulness that lets me connect to your spirit in life-changing ways.

My own life continues transforming every day as I both teach more and learn more. My purpose in life is to teach, heal, and guide, to assist as many people as I possibly can on their journey to their heart and spirit.

It’s been a joy to “chat” with you!