Getting Back with Your Ex is a Bad Idea

Getting Back with Your Ex is a Bad Idea

Breaking up with your ex can be very hurtful and it can take a long time to heal from this. The time after the breakup will be hard and you will have a hard time not thinking about them and getting over the hurt that the broken relationship caused. It can be hard to heal emotionally especially if you broke up on bad terms.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t spend time thinking about them and wishing that you were with them. This is something that can last for a while because of the closeness you had and because of the memories that don’t seem to go away. This can leave you wondering if you made a mistake breaking up with them.

The emotions that you have that are connected with this relationship are common and sometimes people will get back with each other after a breakup because they realize the mistakes that they made, and they realize that they can fix things and make them better.

Getting back with your ex after a hard breakup might not be good for your mental health and you really need to think it over before you take those steps.

Settling for Them

You need to be with someone that you love and not someone that you’re just settling with. If the relationship wasn’t good for you then chances are you wanted something different and better. Going back to your ex can be bad for you because you are not allowing yourself to have the peace and happiness that you deserve.

Did They Change?

Sometimes even if you think that your ex changed, things can go right back to the way that they were. They might get into a cycle of changing and then going back and changing and then going back. If this happens then you are getting yourself in a situation that isn’t healthy for you.

Emotional Abuse

When you leave your ex, it is for a reason. Taking your ex back might put them in a place where they think that they can take granted for you. This can cause you to have emotional stress which is a sign of emotional abuse. You need to get them out of your life and keep it that way.


People that break up often and then get back together get in an unhealthy dating cycle. Going back to the same situation over and over can be dangerous for your mental health and it can cause you to not be able to find the love that you deserve.

Emotional Drainage

Being in this situation where you take your ex back after being hurt by them can lead you to feel emotionally drained. The effort that you put into your relationship is a lot and when it keeps ending and being hurtful it will cause you to get tired. Investing your time and energy in someone else can make you unhealthy.

Other Issues

Being with your ex again can cause you to have issues that are new, but it can also bring back the same issues that you had the first time you broke up with them. Chances are that you broke up for a good reason and if you did and you go back to them then you will keep seeing these issues.

Final Thoughts

Loving someone shouldn’t be painful and if you find that this love is hard, find a love that is easy.