Moving to the Next Level in Love

Next Level in Love

As you connect with people it is a natural thought to wonder if you should be moving your relationship to a new level. You might be wondering when you should only date that one person or when you should start talking about moving in together. This can be scary and exciting because you want to be more serious, and you hope that your partner does too.

It is important that you look at your partner and make sure that you’re a good match and that you’re ready to move forward so that you can move your relationship to another level. As a relationship develops, you will become more intimate and you will trust each other, letting your vulnerabilities show.

Make sure that when you think of moving to another level that you don’t get too anxious and that you look deep inside to make sure that its what you really want. If you are in a good place with your partner, go ahead and take your relationship to a new level. Here are some signs that you might be ready to move to the next level in love!

  • Total Trust

One of the best things in the world is to have someone that you can totally trust. This is what makes a relationship healthy and strong. When you both know that you are there for one another and you are both trustworthy then you can be confident that they are more than your best friend.

It can be hard to be vulnerable with someone that you don’t trust and so make sure that you are both keeping the trust that is so special.

  • The Good and The Bad

It is important that you both support each other in the good times and the bad times. This person should be someone that you go to when you need help, and you should listen and support each other. When there is a problem, it should be openly talked about, and you should both be good listeners for one another.

  • Talking it Out

A big problem in relationships is when someone will never say that they are wrong, and they always accuse their partner when there are problems. When something happens, the person should be accountable for their actions, and they should be able to talk about it and resolve it.

No one should get defensive when there is talking, and they should acknowledge the part that they played in causing someone to get upset. If they both are able to do this then moving forward in the relationship is a go.

  • Good Intimacy

Intimacy issues happen in some relationships, but you should never go to the next level if the level of intimacy that you want isn’t there. This should be more than sex, but sex is also a big thing.

You should be able to kiss and hug each other and touch each other or hold hands. Even touching each other in a non-sexual way helps to build intimacy.

  • No Co-Dependency

There should be independence when it comes to being together in a relationship. You shouldn’t be co-dependent on your partner, and they shouldn’t be on you. You should be able to go out and do things with your friends, have your own hobbies, and do your own thing without anyone getting upset.

  • Morals and Values

Morals and values should be something that is high on the list when you decide if you want to move forward in your relationship. If you and your partner are unequally yoked in your morals and values, then chances are that you won’t be able to make the relationship last.

You should share similar values and morals and you should have things talked about such as having children, marriage, career ideas and more before you ever consider moving forward.

  • Financial Ideas

Not only should you talk about your morals and values, but finances should also be discussed. When the relationship is ready to move forward, talking about finances is a good idea. You both should be able to talk about money and understand who is paying for what and where the money is going to go.

  • Feeling Safe and Secure

Being in a safe relationship means that you feel safe and secure when you are with this person. It means that you can be yourself and that they love you despite your faults. It also means that they accept you for who you are. This is a great sign that you should move forward.

Final Thoughts

Even if you have been dating for a short time or a long time, having a good relationship means that you might be ready to make a move to go further into the relationship. You should feel like you want something more with your partner and when you do, talk to them about it. Communicating about your desires and their desires is one way that you can know if the relationship is ready to move to the next level or not.