Know Your Kundalini Sexual Energies

Kundalini Sexual Energies

Energy found at the bottom of your spine is Kundalini energy. This sexual energy comes from the serpent goddess, and it can come out when you meditate and do yoga. This also can increase with love and with being selfless. This is a type of awakening that happens in the brain and then it moves through the spirit into your body.

Using Kundalini with Relationships

There are different things that come with Kundalini, but it works great with your relationships that are romantic. You can awaken this by stopping your sexual activity so that you can use this energy for change instead of for sex. There are other ways that you can make your Kundalini stronger, or you can awaken it. If interested, read on!

  • Be Yourself

The first thing that you can do is to open up your Kundalini by what you have and who you are and not what you just wish would happen. This needs to come naturally for you. Some believe that you can use Kundalini exercises for healing or to reach a higher place, but you need to learn to relax and let this happen on your own.

  • Don’t Lose Sight of Intimacy

Don’t lose sight of your intimacy but instead focus on what you are experiencing in your own sexual self. Be intimate in the moment and let the spiritual level of this connect. Do this as you are selfless and as you are showing acts of love.

  • Take Action

You need to make sure that you are taking action and that you are having a desire. Desire in Kundalini is called Iccha and knowledge is called jnana where action is known as kriya. You can’t just have a desire to make it happen, but you need to know how and what to do with it and then take action to make your desire come to fruition.

  • Get Rid of Old Ideas

You don’t just go into sex for an orgasm when doing Kundalini. This is a time that you are to give up on yourself and surrender your moment. This can take you to a place where you will orgasm because of the serpent goddess but that shouldn’t be your only desire.

  • Get in Tune

Take time to get to know your partner. Do foreplay and do what it takes to get your partner aroused. Make sure that you are connecting with them by looking into their eyes and breathing at the same time as them. Touch your partner and meditate. The goal shouldn’t be to orgasm, but it should be to enjoy your partner.

  • Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is when you connect with your partner. This is Kundalini and it is one that will travel up to your spine and it will be released as sexual energy. Tantric sex is an orgasm that will go from your spine to your sexual organs, and you will feel it all the way up to the top of your head or your crown chakra. The sensation will be in your groin, but you need to focus more on how you feel throughout your spine and throughout your body.

  • Have Fun

The most important part of Kundalini energy and sex is that you are having fun. This is an awakening that you will want to reach, and it is part of your life journey.