Why Are Some Men Unfaithful?


There are many reasons why men will say that they cheated, and this can be based on who the person is or even what their partner has allowed. Men aren’t always the ones that need to be blamed when cheating happens in a relationship. Sometimes there are people that go to a couples therapist to help figure out issues that they are having and sometimes cheating ends in divorce or separation between the two. So why do men choose to be unfaithful?

Why Are Men Unfaithful?

Men will often come up with different excuses why they were unfaithful to their partners. Here are some of the reasons that men say that they might cheat:

  • Unmet Needs

People that are in a relationship need to make sure that their emotional and other needs are met. It is important that people that are in a relationship learn to understand each other’s feelings and needs.

A man that doesn’t feel connected to their partner emotionally might not feel a sexual attraction either. This can cause them to desire to cheat. If they begin to pull themselves out of the relationship this is a sign that they might consider cheating as an option.

  • Loss of Ego

Being in a relationship has to be exciting and if it isn’t then there might not be the pleasure that is happening. Having excitement in the relationship is what keeps things feeling secure and keeps the love flowing but when the thrill leaves, this might make the partners feel insecure and feel like they are unloved.

Men want to have their ego swooned and they want to feel that they are the most special person to their partner. They do things to try to get their self-confidence built and if the partner isn’t reinforcing these feelings, it might cause a man to desire to cheat.

  • They Are Selfish

Sometimes a man will cheat because they are selfish. There is nothing more to it than that. These men that cheat and are selfish often have no remorse for their actions and they will cheat maybe once and maybe many times after.

  • Loss of Attention

When people stop dating and the responsibilities of life become hard, this might cause people to forget that they need to be responsible in their intimacy at home as well. If there are children that need to be taken care of, chores to be done and other things, it can leave one of the partners to feel that their needs are being neglected. This might lead a man to think that he can only get his needs met if he cheats.

  • Addiction

There are some men that are addicted to sex. Both men and women can have this addiction, but it is something that is more common in men than women. Someone that is addicted to sex might feel like they aren’t getting the sex that they need at home, even if it is good, and this can lead to cheating.

  • Midlife Crisis

Men and women will often go through their midlife crisis. When this happens, they might find that they aren’t as happy with their partner as they were in the beginning. Or they might just feel like if they find someone else to make them feel attractive then they will feel better. Of course, they still want their spouse, but they also want to have fun with someone different.

  • Narcissist

There are some men that only care about themselves or they have mental health issues such as being a narcissist. They are people that feel that they are entitled to have whatever they want even if it hurts their spouse.

Some men will cheat because they don’t love their spouse enough and they only care about what they want and what their needs are.

  • Lack of Commitment

Men will often cheat because they have problems committing to their partner. When someone wants to have a romantic relationship with someone else, they might fantasize about them and have a desire to have these feelings copied from someone outside of the home.

Men that have crushes might not be as committed to their spouse as they should be. This might cause someone to have a sexual relationship so that their feelings can be validated.

Final Thought

Even though cheating is wrong, there are instances where a man might feel that he is not in the wrong for the relationships that he has outside of his marriage or relationship. Having open communication has to happen if a relationship is going to work. If your partner has cheated, the best idea is probably to have couples therapy and to be honest with each other so that it doesn’t lead to divorce.