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Tarot Love

Tarot cards are used as a tool of divination and they are cards that can give you information about your past, present or future. Each tarot deck has 78 cards, and they are divided into different suits including Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles. They also have 10 numbered cards and four of each Page, Knight, King, and Queen card. Here is what they mean:

  • Swords: Air element, communicating.
  • Cups: Water element and emotions.
  • Wands: Fire element and taking action.
  • Pentacles: Materials and finances.

There are also major and minor arcana’s and there are 22 major arcana cards that are powerful in a reading and the rest are minor arcana’s. The cards are important to your life.

Tarot Reading for Love

When you want to find out about your love life, one of the best things you can do is get a tarot card reading. This can help you to understand what you are feeling and how much you love the person that you are with. If you are single or in a relationship, the tarot cards can help you to have a clear mind when it comes to love and romance. You can ask yes or no questions about your love life, but you can also ask open ended questions for a more detailed reading.

Keeping Notes

Before you ever begin pulling the cards, get your journal out. Write down everything that has happened up to this point in your relationship and then write the cards down that you pull. As your relationship changes, you can see what the tarot cards are telling you. Always keep a clear mind when you are doing a reading.

Clear your cards and make sure your area is cleansed and that you are cleansing yourself and meditating before you do your own love reading. Write down questions that you want to ask so that you can get clear answers. Look at the reasons that you are seeking love and be open to answer questions about this. Don’t keep pulling different cards if you don’t get the answer you like, or this will cause you to get confused. It is better to know the truth than to get an answer that you want to hear.

Using Tarot Spreads for Love

Here are some tarot spreads for love answers:

General Love Tarot Spread

This spread uses three cards to tell about the past, present and future:

  • Card 1: This is about what feeling the person you like has for you right now.
  • Card 2: This can tell you about your energy and how it is making the situation work so that you can know what to change.
  • Card 3: This card will tell you how love between you and your crush will change and what to do.

Catching a New Crush Spread

  • Card 1: Setting the goal. What kind of relationship that you want in your life and narrowing down specific things to focus on.
  • Card 2: Describing. This can let you know what they look like in their physical being.
  • Card 3: This card can tell you what to be mindful of and what attentions you need to give to the person’s needs.
  • Card 4: Assisting. Find out with this card where you will meet this person. Use your intuition.
  • Card 5: Advising. What is the final message that can help you to move forward?

Friendship Tarot Spread

You put this spread in the shape of a circle:

  • Card 1: Keep in mind friendships from your past.
  • Card 2: What is happening in your life and relationship now that is positive?
  • Card 3: What is happening in your life and relationship now that is negative.
  • Card 4: What do you need to make positive changes and to grow?
  • Card 5: What is causing unhappiness and stress?
  • Card 6: What do you want the outcome to be in this relationship?
  • Card 7: What advice do you have in this friendship?
  • Card 8: What can you bring to the friendship?
  • Card 9: What will they bring to the friendship?
  • Card 10: What is the outcome?

Relationship Checkup Tarot Spread

You can look at your relationship and see if you need to do something to make it better. This is a spread that can help you to figure out what to do. This is put in a Celtic Cross. There is a 1 and 2 in the middle, 1 is vertical and the second crosses horizontally over the 1. The 3 is put to the left and the 4 is put to the right.

  • Position 1: How do they feel about the relationship now?
  • Position 2: What needs to be done so that it can get better?
  • Position 3: How do you feel about what is going on in the relationship?
  • Position 4: What can be done to make things better so you can grow together?

Reconciliation Tarot Spread

This tarot spread uses seven cards. Each time you ask a question, pull a card:

  • Card 1: How do you feel right now?
  • Card 2: How do they feel right now?
  • Card 3: How can you give grace and healing to them and yourself?
  • Card 4: How do you find goodness in your life?
  • Card 5: How can you understand the relationship more?
  • Card 6: What are you avoiding?
  • Card 7: What does the future look like for the both of you?

Broken Heart Spread

This is a spread that can help to heal your broken heart. As you pull a tarot card, put it in the middle. Do this three times for a three-card lineup. The card will show you how to move on and you can choose to be clearer when you pull more cards. You should pull the card that is going to bring healing last.

The third card is the healing card. Under it, put a clarifying card. Before you look at the clarifying card, you need to know the meaning of the healing card. You can use the pictures to help you interpret it.

Angel cards and oracle cards are good to add to the tarot spread in this situation. They can help to clarify what your tarot cards are saying in the matter of love. It isn’t always easy to see bad news when doing a spread but when you are doing a reading, be open to what the cards tell you.

You can use things with your cards such as crystals, essential oils or other things that can help to center you before doing a tarot reading.

Are They The Right Partner Spread?

The Lovers card has to be found and put down. This will guide the other cards and will stay at the top of the spread. This is the soulmate card, and it is good to have the energy of this card when you ask questions about love.

Shuffle the cards while your eyes are closed and focus on what you want to know. Split the deck in half and only pull the cards from the top and pull two of them from each pile. The answer will be on the bottom of the pile from whichever you are feeling drawn to pull a card from there. Don’t judge what is said and what you are revealed. You will understand the meaning at some point even if you don’t right now.

How Do They Feel About You Tarot Spread?

When you are looking for a time, it can be hard to get the reading that you want. But when you want to know how someone feels about you, you can pull three cards and then put the meanings together. The best way of finding the answer is to shuffle the cards and keep pulling until you get a court card. The first court card that you will tell how they feel about you. If it’s the Queen of Swords, for example, they will see you as a strong person, but the Knight of Wands will tell you that they want a non-committed relationship with you, but they might also want to be a friend with benefits.

Doing a Love Tarot Spread

There are different kinds of tarot spreads that you can use. It depends on what kind of relationship questions you have.

How Many Cards Do You Pull?

You can pull as little as one card and as high as 20 cards. Don’t spread larger than 20, especially if you are new to it. This could cause you to be confused. You can also pull one card for yes and one card for no. Or you can do a 6-8 card spread.

Using Tarot Cards for Love

You can use tarot cards for love, especially if you use a love tarot spread. This can work with your heart to give you answers about love and feelings.

Questions to Ask in a Love Spread

You can ask anything that you want in a tarot love spread. If you need clarity, be more specific about what you want to know. You can ask things like, “How does my partner feel about me,” or you can go simple and say, “Will I meet my soulmate this year?” It is completely up to you.


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