Using Tarot for Twin Flame Love

Tarot for Twin Flame Love

Twin flame relationships only happen once in your life and therefore they are very powerful. They can be very intense, and they will teach you lessons that push you to the next level. Once you meet your twin flame, your life will never be the same. They will change your life in every way. The twin flame will help you to grow and if you want to know this connection more, doing a tarot card reading might help.

Twin Flame Relationship

A twin flame is the other half of your soul. They come to the earth in different bodies, but you share a soul with them. You will be unified with them when you meet them and not everyone meets their twin flames. These relationships bring healing and hope into your life.

When you meet your twin, you will have an instant connection with them, and the relationship will change fast. There will be both ups and downs and you will be able to read their mind and use your gift of telepathy because of the energies that you share.

Tarot Card Spreads for Twin Flames

Do you need to understand your twin flame relationship more? If you do, there are some great tarot spreads that will help you to be able to understand this connection and help you to work through the hard times.

Dynamic Twin Flame Tarot Spread

This tarot spread can help you when you want to know if you are connecting with your twin flame:

  • Card 1: Where are you in your spirit and emotions?
  • Card 2: Where is your twin flame in their spirit and emotions?
  • Card 3: What kind of connection issues are you experiencing?
  • Card 4: What can the divine tell you that will help through these problems?
  • Card 5: How can progress be made?

Twin Flame Growth Tarot Spread

This spread can help you if you need to have more growth and you are having troubles with your connection:

  • Card 1: What is the energy between you and your twin?
  • Card 2: What lessons are you learning in your karma?
  • Card 3: What karmic lessons are you helping your twin with?
  • Card 4: How can you raise the vibrations of your twin flame relationship?

Separation of the Twin Flame Tarot Spread

All twin flame relationships have a time where they go through separation, and this can be very hurtful. There will be a chaser and a runner, and it is part of the karma lessons that you will learn. Once this is fixed and you are both healed, the separation will not happen again. After it happens though the first time it can be very painful, and you will need to work on yourself.

  • Card 1: What does your twins higher self-want you to know?
  • Card 2: What are you stuck on and what do you need to work on in your life?
  • Card 3: What can you expect with your connection?

Once you meet your twin flames you will see that things around you will change. You will be able to use the energy of yourself and your twin flame energy in order to heal your life and your insecurities.

Getting a twin flame tarot reading is one thing that you can do to heal when you are going through hard things with your twin flame. Your twin flame journey will be more understood once you get a tarot card reading.