How Does My Partner Feel About Me?

Partner Feel About Me

Psychics are most often asked questions about love. There are many people around the world that have a partner and they want to know what their partner really thinks about them. They choose to get a reading to find out the feelings that their partner has for them. Everyone will get to a place where they are addicted to love and what they feel for someone, and they want to know if they are getting the same in return. It is natural to have love between a parent and a child but love between a partner can be confusing.

There are times when people wonder if their partner really loves them and if they will ever change to love them more. No matter what the reader says, this is a question of freewill and freewill is something that cannot be changed by someone else. Sometimes when we want to understand love, it can be hard. We want to know that the person that we love will change for the better and sometimes fear wants to know if the partner will stay with them or not.

At other times, people will want to know about a specific person and why they treat them in a certain way to make them feel bad. If you can find someone that will tell you that someone will love you, chances are you won’t feel the pain of the disrespect that you are experiencing.

Some will avoid the heartbreak that they are getting, and a reader can give you a reading about your own life and the life of your partner, but the reading doesn’t guarantee that your partner will change.

Will He Love You?

One of the biggest questions that are asked about love is if the partner will really love them. This can be a hard question to get answers to and a psychic can do a tarot card reading but it doesn’t mean that it will come true because heart issues are never totally reliable.

This is why there are people that hate getting psychic readings when the truth is that you cannot change the heart of someone or take away their freewill. The psychic will be able to pick up the energy of the client and sometimes the energy of the partner and they can give a reading based on what is happening right then, but they cannot give a real reading based on what might happen in the future because of freewill.

Love is different for different people and even if someone loves you, it doesn’t mean that they will be with you or that being with them is the best thing for you. The things based around the relationship might be terrible for you or for your partner and so it might not be the best thing.

Even though we all have a soul, and the soul wants something specific, love is not always the right thing with the person you are with. Love can be healing but it can also be hurtful. When your energies are blocked, you have to let go of this blockage and heal so that you can move on from disappointment and find true love.

If you are in a place where someone isn’t giving you the love that you want, you might need to move on from that relationship. You shouldn’t have to be forced to wait for someone to love you. You don’t always need to ask a psychic if someone loves you or not because you can tell but you can choose to ask them how you can be more open to love.

When you make choices based on what is going on in your life now, you can allow yourself to bring changes so that you can be open to love. Letting go of a relationship that is toxic for you can help you to be open for a relationship that can end up being great for you. The universe will support you to be open to new love.

Waiting around for someone that isn’t available for you will be hurtful and it might cause you to fear love in the future. You might be uncertain about what love has for you and that is okay. Allow yourself to be open to your emotions and to sexual intimacy and let go of hurt that holds you back.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your past relationships can be helpful but the best thing that you can do is to talk to a psychic so that they can help you to know what is best for you in the now. Let them guide you and answer questions about true love so that you can find the love that is right for you.


  1. This article profoundly encapsulates the complexities of love and the limitations of relying on psychic readings for matters of the heart. The emphasis on freewill is particularly insightful, revealing that while psychics may provide guidance, the ultimate decision and change rest in our hands. It’s a refreshing reminder that love is multifaceted and that personal growth and openness are crucial to finding genuine connections.

  2. I find this article to be incredibly enlightening. It addresses the natural human curiosity about love while also highlighting the boundaries of psychic readings. The insight about energy and the importance of healing and moving on from toxic relationships resonates deeply. It’s a powerful message that encourages self-awareness and personal empowerment in the journey of love.

  3. I appreciate the emphasis on self-awareness and personal growth. Understanding oneself can be more impactful than seeking validation from external sources, including psychics.

  4. The discussion about the role of freewill in love is very thoughtful. It’s a reminder that while psychics can provide guidance, the ultimate decisions rest with us.

  5. I found the article quite fascinating, especially the emphasis on freewill and the unpredictability of love. While some might scoff at the idea of consulting a psychic, I think it’s an interesting tool for self-reflection, even if not a definitive solution.

  6. It’s interesting to note that while psychics can provide insights based on current energies, they can’t predict the future due to the element of freewill. This aligns well with the idea that love is an ever-evolving emotion, subject to continuous change.

  7. It’s clear that love is a complex and multifaceted emotion. While psychics can offer insights, relying solely on their readings might not be the healthiest approach.

  8. Wow, this article really hit home for me. I’ve always wondered if my partner truly loves me, and I’ve even considered consulting a psychic for guidance. The part about freewill is enlightening and makes me realize that love can’t be forced.

  9. This article highlights an essential aspect of relationships: recognizing when a partnership is not beneficial and having the courage to move on. Psychic readings can offer perspective, but personal introspection is key.

  10. So, we’re supposed to rely on psychics for love advice? What a load of nonsense. Love is complicated, sure, but putting your faith in some ‘reader’ to tell you what your partner feels is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  11. Oh, because we should totally depend on psychics to manage our love lives. What’s next? Asking a fortune cookie if my partner will propose? This article gives new meaning to the term ‘clutching at straws.’

  12. The article raises an interesting point about the limitations of psychic readings when it comes to matters of the heart. It is crucial to remember that no one can change another’s freewill.


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