Archetype Lovers

Archetype Lovers

Do you love to hear stories of romance and drama? Humanity has shown us that DNA plays a big role in how we act and what we do but what about how we love? People set goals in life to figure out who they are and to figure out what they want but there is a chemical in your body that sometimes seems to draw you to certain people. This is something that seems to be illogical.

Love is something that can cause people to act differently than they normally do, and we have seen this in stories about archetypes and the kinds of love that they have shown.

Love Abounds

Tristan and Isolde are a tale of happiness and hell and excitement but tragedy. They are people that are star crossed lovers which means that they find love, but the love is so bad that it becomes a terrible thing. They will get into a place of obsession or a place where the laws of the gods don’t even make sense.

Sometimes one of them is going to be married while the other promises themselves to this person.

  • Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two families that are enemies, and they fall in love with each other. The ending is one of death and destruction and even though they are star crossed, nothing seems to work out the way that it seems like it should.

  • Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy and Paris are also story crossed lovers and they cause there to be nations that fight against each other, once again, the love ending in something drastic.

  • Lancelot and Guinevere

Lancelot and Guinevere are two that go during this mythical place, and they destroy Camelot. They no longer follow the order that they are born with and given.

  • Deirdre of the Sorrows

Deidre of the Sorrows shows people that there is ap rice to pay when you are not doing what you should be doing or when you choose to not follow social order.

  • Chaos in Archetypes

There is so much chaos when it comes to love and Archetypes. Nature doesn’t always allow the social idea of love to work and even when there is a quest and an agenda to have love, it doesn’t always end the way that people hope.

Star crossed lovers are people that seem to be filled with hope but then tragedy and conflict come and take over to the point where there are never any real answers as to why love didn’t win. Even though the stories show that love is magic, love doesn’t come and win like we think that it should.

The idea of love can be like poison in the veins and even when there is bonding and feelings, it doesn’t mean that things will work out how it seems like it should.

Chaos seems to often happen and when there is attraction, but no change is ever going to take place, the idea of love can die. The ones that find the love end up being forsaken and being left crying or dead. Love can be masculine and feminine and there has to be control and choices.

Family, religion, and romance can all go hand in hand when you look at stories all over the world and in different cultures. Some will end with a happily ever after while others end in death and tragedy. Magic doesn’t always win and sometimes things fail and fall, and things end terrible for everyone.

Instinct Versus Social Law

One of the biggest problems when it comes to love is instincts versus the social law. This is when sorrow and grief seem to find its place without there being any kind of warning that it will end that way.

There has to be a lesson learned that sometimes nature can’t even when it comes to love. We have to see that archetypes can change over time and that people die, people come to ruin and things end. Rebellion can happen but, in the end, effort doesn’t always prove to win.