Understanding Spiritual Sex

Spiritual Sex

Some people see sex as an obstacle that gets in their way and holds them back. There are people that have been taught that spiritual and sex are two opposite things, and that sex is something that isn’t spiritual and can very well be a sin.

Sexuality is something though that has been around since creation, and it is something that was always considered to be sacred. Sex of course isn’t something you should just give to everyone, but it can be a way that you can open up your spiritual self.

Even though sex is often seen as something dirty, this isn’t true, and it can be profound in your life.

Dealing with Shame of Sex

Sex is often something that isn’t talked about because it can make people feel that they aren’t in control. It can make them feel that they are disconnected from life. The thing is, there is a connection that comes from the universe when you have sex.

Feeling ashamed of sex is something that needs to change, and you should be able to embrace your sexuality. Even though culture has shown this to be shameful, the truth is that when making love, it is an experience that should be upheld and part of your life force.

Shame is something that people are taught in society and having sex isn’t something that you should feel guild or shame about.  This should be something that you hold inside of yourself as something sacred.

There are some people that deny their sexuality because they feel that this is something that is shameful, but they still have the physical cravings. This happens because sex can be a spiritual thing and can bring wholeness to your life.

You aren’t defined by your sexuality of course but that is something that is part of you. When you hide this, you are creating a blockage of energy that should be part of your soul. Orgasms are there to make your soul expand and to stop limiting yourself.

Spiritual Sex

Some people have been taught that sex is a way to develop your transcendental self. Spiritual sex is a way that you can experience something you might not have ever experienced in your life.

Sexual energy is something that is in you, and it is part of your instincts. When you are tired and you don’t want to do anything but then you meet someone that arouses you, you might feel a deepness that you never thought that you would feel.

These kinds of experiences are a starting place where you can increase your spiritual self and you can experience different sex that you can benefit from.

Here are some types of sex that can help your spiritual being:

  • Alert Union

This is one kind of union where you are intimate and where you are aware of the feelings of bliss that you have when you explore the body. This is a union that makes you aware of what you are feeling and allows you to be vulnerable and excited.

You can become more alert in your spiritual self. This is a sex that is addictive and can help you to find new sexual partners that will make you feel special and important.

  • Conscious Union

This is a type of vulnerability that you will feel for someone that you are making love with. This union will help you feel balanced and spiritual. It will create a harmony between who you are and your sensuality. It will help you to explore your own body and the body of your lover and you will be able to express yourself sexually. This is an intense feeling that you have and will make you have a stronger sense of self.

Soulful Union

This union is the union of sexual Maithuna. This is one of the most important forms of sex and it can cause you to reach a higher state of intensity that allows you to focus on your soul and your physical pleasure and not just one or the other.

This is an urge that comes when your body and your emotions are aligned and when you want to be more aware. This is called Tantric sex and is a sex that helps you to have a union that embodies the soul and the body. This is considered pure bliss.

Here are some ways to experience a Soulful Union:

  • Be celibate for as long as you can, and this will increase the sexual energy that you feel.
  • Take time to be with your partner and be sensual with them.
  • Sit in front of your partner and move your hands over their body and allow a tingle to come. Touch the places around the nipples and the penis but don’t touch those things so that you can arouse them.
  • Sit in their lap and breathe in their breath.
  • Keep eye contact when you have sex, witnessing them orgasm will change things and bring beauty.

Spiritual Sex and Grounding

Sexual energy can make you have a connection with your mind, body, and soul. It is a physical and emotional thing that you can experience, and you should never feel shamed for this. There are many couples that are afraid of sex, or they have sex that is boring and tiresome. They are loving partners, but they need to change their sex life.

Sex is something that should be a part of your spiritual growth and not just something to distract you. Sex should be something that touches your soul and makes you feel more powerful.