What Does Casual Dating Mean for Him?

Casual Dating

There are different ways that people look at dating and this guide can help you so that you aren’t confused about what a man in your life wants. What if you are a woman and you are with a guy that doesn’t want to commit to you? You might wonder if he really likes you or not. Casual dating for a guy usually means that he doesn’t want to be serious with you, remember, guys don’t make things complicated and if they don’t want to be serious, they don’t.

It will be easier for you to understand that a man that is casual wants to remain that way. But, of course, one guy might look at being casual as something else but in the dating world, it is clear. Most people look at relationships differently and if you feel that you are stuck in a relationship that you don’t want, there are ways to avoid getting your heart broken.

If you are in a casual relationship with someone and you figure out what it means and its not what you want, leave. Don’t wait around for him to change his mind because he probably won’t, and you need to learn to let go.

Dating can be hard and even though it can be fun, it is full of things getting misunderstood and confusing sometimes. The great news though is that relationships can work but you just have to find someone that is clear and knows what you want and gives it to you.

Understanding a Casual Relationship

A casual relationship might be exclusive, but it might not be. It is two people that like to spend time together without their being pressure of a commitment or a label. It’s not a relationship that is solid but more like a friends with benefits type of relationship. Most casual relationships are sexual and are friendships.

Some casual relationships can have more feelings that are part of it, but this is still not a labeled relationship or not one that is committed. In a casual relationship, there shouldn’t be expectations, or you will ruin the relationship.

Casual dating is a fun way to spend your life and to be with someone you enjoy but it is important that both of you are on the same page when it comes to love, and you are both happy with the way that the relationship is or there will be problems.

Most casual relationships don’t have feelings or emotional attachments and there isn’t real love. When someone starts to get serious feelings, the relationship has to turn to something else or it has to end. Some people in casual relationships that want more end up getting hurt.

It is possible to have a casual relationship and then things get more serious, and it just depends on the two people that are in the relationship.

Guys and Casual Relationships

Not every guy is the same but when you look at a casual relationship as a whole, this is someone that you like to spend time with, have sex with and hang out with. This is fine if both people are on the same page but if not, it needs to stop.

Some women think that a casual relationship will turn into something more but most likely it won’t become anything serious. If you are happy with how things are and you don’t want to go deeper, you should be fine.

Getting Hurt

Someone can easily get hurt in a casual relationship and so it is important to talk about what you both want. The conversation should be had when you start the relationship. If he tells you that he isn’t interested in a relationship, you have to believe him and you can’t hope that he will change his mind and fall in love later, he probably won’t. Men are just that way.

A casual relationship to a man is about getting what he wants as if he were dating without having to commit to the relationship. Some guys don’t like to have to commit, and this means that they don’t want to be serious or label the relationship. Guys aren’t easy to understand, they are standard, and they say what they want, we just often don’t listen.

Can Casual Relationships Be Good?

Some casual relationships are good if both partners agree and want the same thing. This might be a time where neither is ready for something serious, and commitment is off the charts. This can be a rewarding relationship then.

If both partners want to go out and have sex for the weekend, have someone to talk to and not feel that they have to be pressured into anything, it can be a great relationship. But if you are someone that isn’t secure in this kind of relationship, it can be unhealthy.

If the relationship isn’t exclusive, some people feel cheated on, and this isn’t the case because it is casual. This is where problems in this kind of relationship can show up and it can cause hurt.

Talk It Out

The best thing that someone in this kind of relationship can do is to talk things over. Talk about the relationship and what it means to both of you. Serious relationships can come from casual relationships but if you don’t see this happening and its not what you want, get out of it.

Don’t go into a casual relationship thinking that he is going to commit to you. Some casual relationships are exclusive and if that’s what you want then you need to talk that over. It still doesn’t mean a commitment it just means that you aren’t both having sex all over the place.

Final Thoughts

A casual relationship to a man means that he has someone in his life that he doesn’t have to commit to. This means a relationship that has no labels and no pressure. If this isn’t what you want and you find yourself in that situation, its best to get out before the feelings get hurt.