Overcoming Relationship Difficulties

Overcoming Relationship

There are different reasons that people have relationship problems and if you are in a relationship that you have fear and you can’t seem to control your emotions, there might be issues you are missing. Other people have anger in their relationship and sometimes people are afraid of abandonment.

Depending on why you are feeling these things in the relationship, you have to find a way to heal and to solve these problems. Look at the reasons in your life that you might be having fear and learn how to deal with this.

Why Is There Fear in the Relationship?

Having fear in a relationship doesn’t mean that things are negative. This could actually be a personal situation where you are fearful of love. Some people have a hard time opening up and this can be hard even in a relationship that you’re committed to. Here are some reasons that you might be fearful in your relationship:

  • Afraid of Being Vulnerable

Some relationships have a fear of vulnerability. This can be because you have always had to defend yourself and you are scared of being exposed or showing your emotions.

  • Past Hurt

The past can be something that holds you back if you have been hurt in relationships before. The hurt that you felt might make it harder for you to commit because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

  • Changing Who You Are

Being in a relationship sometimes makes people be different than who they are. You might be afraid that being in a relationship will change you and make you someone else.

  • Afraid of Love and Hurt

Some people are afraid that they will fall in love with someone and then they will end up heart. This can make sadness and heartbreak.

  • Inequality

You might have feelings of love but if you are afraid of someone not loving you how you want to be loved. You have to decide if you are getting the love that you want, and that the devotion is there.

  • Family Connections

There are some people that are afraid of losing the connections that they have with their families. Starting a new life with someone can cause you to not be a close as you used to be.

What is Fear in a Relationship?

Love can be an amazing thing, but it can also be scary. This is normal. But if there is a lot of fear in the relationship then you might just have a phobia or a fear of loving or connecting with other people.

Philophobia is when you have a fear of loving another person and it can cause you not to be able to love someone like you want to. If you feel that you have any of these symptoms, you might have this phobia:

  • Can’t let go of the past.
  • Afraid of getting your heart broken.
  • Afraid of opening up.
  • Trust issues.
  • Focused on being single.
  • Feel like you are a caged animal in a relationship.
  • Only enjoy physical intimacy.

How to Overcome Fears

When you learn to overcome your fears in your relationship, it can be a way that you can support each other. There are different phases that you might go through, and this is one way that you can put more effort into the situation:

  • Realizing that you have fear in the relationship.
  • Understanding issues that you have.
  • Making a decision to overcome your fears.

Allow yourself to go through your situation and to solve your problems. If you can’t do this on your own, talk to a professional.

Facing Fears in a Relationship

Once you realize that you have fear in your relationship, there are ways that you can overcome them. Here are some things to notice:

  • Relationship History

Look at the history of your relationships and notice if there were any things that stood out that made you have problems.

  • Feelings

See if you have feelings that make you feel inadequate.

  • Defense Mechanism

Look at your attitude and see if you have defense mechanisms up. Find out the reasons behind this.

  • Feelings Inside

Look at your feelings and see if you are committed to your relationship. Are there feelings that are holding you back? Don’t close yourself off to what you are feeling.

  • Be Vulnerable

Allow yourself to be vulnerable to people around you. This means for you to stop closing yourself off.