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Is He The One For You?

        You think that you might be falling in love with someone after couple of dates and spending time together but you’ve been hurt before so you wanted to make sure that you're doing it right this time... You are determined you won’t let that happen again. Your …

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Am I Not Good Enough?

          Everytime that a relationship ends.. there will be that nagging question. “What did I do wrong?” and that curiosity about the causes for a break up and the assumptions can create as much heartbreak as the actual split. The desire to find answers becomes an irresistible …

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Would You Like To Meet Your Soulmate?

Have you ever dream of finding your right partner?  A special person who is made for you? That someone who understands you in every way and can share your joys and fears?  Do you want to know how to find your soulmate? Picture the scene: You and that significant other are sitting …

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Ways To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

 Does the excitement slowly drifting away in the relationship? I know that most of the people will reminisce the time where you and your partner first met and did things together that was probably very romantic and impulsive. During that exciting and memorable time of courtship, having someone you admired …

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