How Karmic Debt Affects Your Life

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt in Your Life

Getting rid of karmic debt can free your soul and help you to get rid of challenges and chains that hold you back. If you owe karmic debt to someone, you are part of the Law of Karma that says that you have to face consequences for all of your actions.

Everyone has to face consequences for what they have done. What has happened in your life and where has all of your karma come from? If you feel that you are always facing hardships, this could be a cycle of karma that you are dealing with.

Karmic Debt

Karmic debt is both the good and the bad karma that you have acquired in your life. Runanubandha means that you have karmic debt. This is when you have relationships and situations with others where you can figure out your fate.

If you have this karma in your relationships, it means you owe something and that the Law of Karma will get this until it is paid off. A deficit is karmic debt and things will happen over and over in different forms until you get this debt paid off.


Just like an accountant keeps books, karma also keeps books. Once your soul enters the world, your soul will decide what karmic debt you have to pay back. You will reincarnate in a body and your soul is part of the same force. This means that there will be active karma.

You will learn different life lessons and you will see that your karma is there to pay you back for your good or your bad choices. This is an earthly thing, and it is part of your soul intent. The choices that you make in your physical body are ones that will come back to you as good or bad.

Clearing Karmic Debt

There is a liberation when you get your karmic debt paid off. You might owe this to others or other people might owe you something.

Good karma will help you to reach your life purpose. It will help you to go through good things and help you to have happy times. Bad karma will keep cycling in your life, death, and rebirth until it is paid.

This might seem something that is hard to understand but Moksha is liberation and when you have Moksha it means that you no longer have any karmic debt to pay back. This is not good or bad and there is no outstanding balance.

Karma will chain your soul to a body to prevent you from reaching your highest being. Karma is like a chain and no matter what is binding you, bad karma will be painful and good karma will bring happiness.

How to Clear Karmic Debt

There are different kinds of karma such as Prarabdha which is there and set in motion because of your experiences. When you have karma, it is something that is there no matter what. It will be based on your actions and it is either good or bad.

If you don’t have control over your karma, it doesn’t mean you have to give into it, it means that you have to do things that are good and learn to respond to things in a better way. You have control over how you do your karma and how you experience things in your life. You see that your failures will hold you back and will bring negative karma and your successes and responsibilities will help you move forward.

Sanchita Karma

This kind of karma is part of your lifetime and will help you in your constraints. This karma will help you to learn to control yourself and you can control how this kind of karma comes to you. This is yoga and will give you grace through meditation and other things that you can do to make it positive.

Agami Karma

This karma comes with new life and it happens when you experience different lifetimes. This cannot be experienced unless you reach another lifetime.

If you want to know how to prevent Agami Karma, you have to know when you are alive to do things that are good. Your actions will accrue, and you will see that the bad actions and the bad responses that you made will bring forth bad karma. You will see that you have to pay for your actions rather they are good or bad and you need to make good decisions.

If you detach yourself from your actions and you choose to not be an instrument, then chances are that you will have karma that will be created that is negative.

Law of Karma

All things in your life follow the Law of Karma. This means that everything you do will be based on karma and the result is that your consequences will be pre-determined. This will be something that has to do with your personal will. Karma will shape your life and will give you effort.

It is true that karma is already set in motion and you cannot escape it, but you can change the way that you live your life because there is cause and effect that will change how your circumstances play out.

When you look at time and space you will see that there really isn’t a past, present or future but there is a never-ending life.

The present is there because of what happened in the past and this changes to the future. When you are aware of what you are doing and you put in effort to be better, you can change your karma and how it comes to you.

You have to learn to prepare yourself and to experience new things in your life that are good. When you distance yourself from your experiences, you can see that you can create an impact in your life that will change you and will help you to create good karma for your future. Stop creating negative karma and learn to live the best life that you can live.