Getting Rid of Negative Energy from Your Work

Negative Energy from Your Work

Everyone wants to have positive vibes around them and if you find that your home or your job is filled with negativity, you need to take on these challenges and figure out how to get rid of this and bring positivity into your life. There will be many things that you face when you have a space that is full of negative energy.

Visible and Invisible Energies

All things have energy that is either visible or invisible. This energy is full of vibrations. Everything that we say, think or feel will bring on a certain vibration that will carry on through our lives or in our environment.

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

A person that has bad feelings or moods will leave those feelings even after they have left. It is impossible to get rid of all negative energy but there are ways that you can change your environment and bring it back to something that is good and positive.

Cleaning Your Space and Getting Rid of Clutter

You have to start by cleaning the space that you are in. You should do this every week if you are around things that are negative. The first thing to do to start your cleaning is to get rid of clutter. Get rid of things that you no longer need. There is good energy that can come to your place but if you have too much clutter, it can cause you to be stressed.

Getting rid of small amounts of clutter can make a huge difference in your life. Being organized can change the energy around you.

Making Your Space Positive

Find a small place around your work area to make positive. Do not try to change the work area of other people or your coworkers because that is their place, and you need to worry about your own things.

After you start, cleansing the area is very important. This can be hard if you have other people that are working around you so make sure that you get permission before you do anything. You do not want to make more negative vibes by causing people around you to be upset.

Using White Sage

If you have the ability to do whatever you want in your workplace, use some white sage to smudge your area. There are ways that you can do different practices that are Native American or other cultures that will help you to clear negative energy out of your area.

Let the Air In

Open the windows if you have some and let the air flow so that the negative energy has a place to leave. You can also play some music or something positive while you are doing this.

Do the same thing with the whole work area that you have. Make sure that you keep the windows open for at least a half an hour or longer to let the negative energy go out.

Do this early in the day before other people get to the workplace and if you have negativity such as sickness around you or fights that people are having, you need to cleanse the space again as soon as you can after that happens.

Doing What is Best for You

Remember that there are different ways that you can cleanse your area and you need to make sure that you are doing what is best for you.

Use Incense or Crystals Between Cleansings

Between the times that you cleanse your area, you can always put things around your area such as sandalwood incense or find some crystals that you can use to put around your area that will soak up anything negative that comes around you.

Positive Sounds Make Positive Moods

Try to play some good music while you are working so that you can keep your own energy up while you are at your job sight.


It is important to keep your area free of negativity. If you have free reign in your workplace, try some of the things above to improve the energy of your workplace.