Consulting a Phone Psychic: What to Know in Advance

Consulting a Phone Psychic

For centuries, people have been interested in the spiritual realm. The idea that someone can have the ability to predict the future and allow you to prepare for or act accordingly for what is to come creates a draw.

Sadly, not all who claim to be psychic are authentic, often the number of fakes being equal to those who are legit. Before you waste your time and money on a false reader, take time to do some research. Below are a few things to look for before seeking a consultation with a psychic over the phone.


Though there are many professions in which people pretend they have a skill or talent that is not true, this is especially true in the psychic world. The goal is to take your cash and offer some platitude or general reading, but with no real ability to back it up. In the psychic world, the individuals in it for just the money are referred to as opportunists because they see an opportunity for quick cash and people desperate for answers, then exploit that opportunity.

There are several factors that distinguish real psychics from the fake and it is important to be able to recognize these factors. Many fake psychics offer readings with abilities that no one is capable of possessing. One such example is that they offer those in pain, like those wishing for an estranged partner to return to come back and say they can make or see this happening.

This goes against the universal laws of free will, making it impossible. No psychic can force a loved one back. If someone does make this happen, it was through black magic that will need cleared from your life. Black magic has no real power other than manifesting your beliefs and fears, but you must still rid yourself of it. Take back your control.

Are Psychics All the Same?

The simple answer is no because the term psychic can be applied to a range of actual abilities. There are mediums who are psychics that can communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on, and others who specialize in things like clairvoyance, divination, dowsing, precognition, and many others. When trying to choose a psychic for a reading, choose one with the abilities necessary to your needs.

Know the Right Questions

When searching for a psychic, there is a specific approach to gain access to the information you desire. Simply calling numbers and asking the psychic if they are any good will do little to find someone legit. Be willing to read online comments and ratings and if you do call, remain open to the answers given.

Psychics do not simply know random information or answers simply because they are asked. Psychics are vessels that are open to communication from the spiritual realm. They have no control over what that information may be or how it is shown.

One of the best ways to question a psychic is to look toward the future. Instead of asking what you have been doing wrong, focus on your life path and purpose.

Be Ready to Listen

When a psychic is doing a reading, it is important to let them do the majority of the talking. Part of this is because a fraud will want to keep you on the phone as long as possible so they can glean more information.

Once they have the information you may not ever realize you are giving, they craft a reading that matches. For real psychics, a customer that speaks constantly will be irritating because they are trying to stay focused. Before sharing anything, ask a psychic if it is okay to elaborate.

Allow Time to Process

Never discount what the psychic says just because you do not see that happening in your life at the moment and cannot imagine it in the future. It is important to keep an open mind and not write off an entire reading because it does not make sense in the moment.

Within the industry, psychics call it “psychic amnesia” in which a client does not recognize what the psychic is sharing. This is temporary so as you process the reading it can begin to make more sense. Readings tend to have a lingering effect so it can take weeks or months to process completely.

Remember that calling daily does not allow time for a previous reading to manifest. When in crisis, do not go psychic shopping or you will end up more confused. Get a reading and then have patience as it comes to fruition.