Focus on Your Career Before Starting a Relationship

Focus on Your Career

Being older might make you feel that you have to worry about getting married and starting a family, but even though you have a good reason to be concerned, you need to learn to be happy and to focus on your career before you get into a relationship.

Do you feel that you are working too hard, and you feel down about other people that are starting a family and you aren’t?

One thing to know is that if you focus on your career, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to meet someone in your life. If anything, focusing on your career will help you to meet someone because you are out in the world along with everyone else.

Some guys might be threatened by your career, but most guys will be happy that you are a go getter, but remember, you cannot focus what you do on everyone and you aren’t going to be able to please everyone.

There are many men that love the idea of women that focus on their careers. They love the dedication, and the drive that ambitious women have, and these are people they want to settle down with later in life.

Once you go out with them, they will introduce their family and friends to you and talk about how great you do at your job. They will give you a big ego and will build your self-esteem.

A man that sees you in the workplace will see you dressed up and confident and this will be a huge turn on. Men will love that you work hard and that you have a career idea.

When you focus on your career, you will see that this is good, as long as you are not obsessing with your career. This is when it becomes a problem.

Having a successful career is a good thing but you need to also have fun. Have balance in your life and focus on your job and on your fun. Don’t stop doing things that are fun outside of work just because you are in a career, this will turn men off.

Men will know when your life is all about your job and when they feel thing, they might not want to commit to you because you are too career minded.

If you want to meet someone in your life, you must find balance. You have to go out and meet new people. You have to change your thought pattern.

Balancing your life means that you are able to be relaxed and you are able to have fun. If you only care about work, you will not be that person.

There is a huge difference between:

  • Focusing on your job
  • Your job being the only thing you can focus on.

Men are attracted to women that are focused on their job, but they get turned off by women that only focus on their career.

The lady that is focused on their career will work hard, reach their goals, and will attract the right person in their life. They will do volunteer work, join clubs, make hobbies, and try new things.

The person that is only focused on their career will never have the chance to settle down because this can be stressful, and it will be hard to meet that special someone. Be a girl that chases her dreams because that is sexy.