Being Clairvoyant and Seeing Symbols

Being Clairvoyant and Seeing Symbols

There are three different kinds of categories that you can link the clair giftings into such as clairvoyance is seeing with your soul, clairaudience is hearing with yourself, and clairsentience is sensing things with your soul. All three of these giftings are part of psychic giftings.

There are some psychics that have all three of the gifts, but most people are only able to have some of the gifts.

A person that is clairvoyant is able to see the faces of the spirits that they talk to. They can also see symbols such as dates, names, information, and other things in the form of visions or dreams. They also can see these messages written places. According to some, this is different than normal seeing or hearing and this can even go a far as being able to see into the past, present or future.

When someone is able to develop their clairvoyant gifs, they can use the symbols that guides give them to understand what is going on.

The psychic will learn what these symbols mean, and they will be able to get a message because of it.

A psychic, for example, might see something that is green with the sun close to it and instead of seeing what normal people see, they will see this to mean something that is successful. They would be able to see things as successful to someone that they were giving a reading to.

A person that has a clairvoyant message will be able to know when things are going to happen in other peoples lives. They are not sure when this will happen, but they will be able to know that it will happen in the future or it did happen in the past.

You have to remember that the spirit world does not decide a time or space of something happening and that this can change with free will.

Things a Clairvoyant can “see”

  • Future things.
  • Past things.
  • Present things.
  • Can access Akashic records.
  • Can know the energies of things around them.
  • Are able to speak to the spirit world.
  • Can follow whatever the spirit guides tell them.

Things a Clairaudient can “hear”

  • Music in their mind that has meaning.
  • The spirit guides saying their name.
  • The thoughts other people have.

Things a Clairsentient can “feel”

  • Spirits when they come into the room.
  • Different energies from people and places.
  • Things that are different or that are out of place.


People have different giftings and depending on their gift will depend on what they can see, hear, and feel.