Introduction to Chakra and Aura Energy


Today, we are going to explore aura cleansing as well as define what an aura is and why it may need cleansing, then how to do it. Many people are pretty familiar with the classic chakra system. The chakra is found with seven distinct points on the body.

There is plenty of information and even meditation tracks that help people clear their chakra and balance them for better health, healing, and energy. The chakras are energy vortices located inside the body.

Auras are energy as well, but energy that surrounds the body unlike the chakras that are inside of the body. Some would describe the aura as a type of net that encases the physical being. The aura then emanates, collects, and exchanges energies both inside and outside the body. Some also see auras as a network of electromagnetic fields. Whether it manifests as actual physical pain, a gut reaction, a vibe, or something else, we all experience things as a result of communications and reactions that we are unable to see.

Aura Colors

Though most people cannot, some believe they can see auras and much like chakras, they come in a variety of colors. This can reportedly be seen when using specific types of photography. Even those who do not believe in auras and chakras are often curious to know what color aura they carry.

The truth is that your aura is not likely a single color. It is said that the aura is composed of layers with each layer representing the energy that you have picked up. The different colors can also indicate your emotional, physical, and mental condition at the time. Generally speaking, the different aura colors have different meanings, both positive and negative connotations. These are shared below:

  • Blue – Truth, loyalty, guarded nature, or frostiness
  • Green – Nurturing, healing, or jealousy
  • Yellow – Sunny, creative, or unpredictable
  • Orange – Confidence, joy, or laziness
  • White – Pure, ascended spiritually, naïve, or foolish
  • Red – Strength, willfulness, or anger
  • Indigo – Pure, spiritually ascended, or foolish
  • Purple – Ambitious, indulgent, or moody

With just a bit of research you can find what different combinations of colors mean. Auras are a topic that come with many different opinions and fall into different schools of thought. Some of these beliefs are rooted in old traditions and beliefs. No matter what you learn or believe about auras, the concept of an energy net makes it easy to see why it may occasionally require cleaning.

How to Cleanse the Aura

The good news is that aura cleansing is pretty straightforward when compared to other types of energy cleaning. Many of the methods used to clear negative energy from the home or the chakras, can work on the auras as well. Below are several ways to cleanse the aura.

  • A bath with herbs, essential oils, or crystals
  • A singing bowl bath
  • Chanting with affirmations or personal mantras
  • Meditation in which you visualize your aura color shifting
  • Breathwork using slow breaths or classic pranayama techniques

Once you feel that the aura is cleansed, maintenance prevents negative build-up. Excess negative energy can leave you tired, distracted, or irritable without a known cause. Keep your aura strong and healthy.