Knowing Your Psychic Giftings

Knowing Your Psychic Giftings

If you have ever been alone and you think someone has called out your name, or you start thinking about someone and then the phone rings and it is that person? This can mean that you have a psychic gift.

Maybe you are someone that has been able to have feelings that something bad is going to happen or your intuition has told you answers to things that you have no idea how you know. All of the things that happen in your life are related to your psychic giftings and your intuition. Each person has a psychic gift just some are more able to use their gift because they develop them.

Using Your Giftings Each Day

Everyone uses their gifts each day, but some people do not realize that they are using their gifts. If you can learn to use your intuition and to pay attention to it and trust it, you will see that your life will be easier.

Take a moment and close your eyes and ask a question. Do not talk and just listen and focus on your breathing. Ask your question and it can even be something that you already know such as, “my name is…”

Then, sit back and be aware of your feelings. Do you feel relaxed, and do you feel something in your Solar Plexus or gut area that will go to your mind or will give you a feeling? You already know the answer to that question but when you ask yourself something and you get a gut feeling, this is your intuition talking to you.

Embracing Your Intuition

Some people do not feel this immediately and they have to take time to really embrace their gift. It is okay to do this over and over again until you start feeling something. Practice this and be patient with yourself.

If you don’t feel something right away when you ask a question, it’s okay, move on and keep practicing until you are able to hear your answers.

Once you get to the place where you are able to get answers from your gut, you can change the way that you ask questions. Start with yes and no questions and then move to questions that are harder. When you do this, you will get deep answers and you will see that you are able to trust yourself.

Letting Your Giftings Grow

Once your senses are stronger, you will see that you are more aware than others around you. You will see that your psychic gift can flow to you easily and that nothing can take away your gifting. Never use your gift for negative reasons and always use it to help and never to hurt anyone else.

Children and Psychic Gifts

Children are often full of psychic giftings, but they lose it as their parents silence them because of fear or because they do not believe in psychic powers. Some believe that being a psychic is wrong and so they will not use their gifts. Never use your gifts for manipulation but make sure you are using it to reach your highest good.

Mothers will help you to understand your psychic abilities because moms always tend to know what is going on in our lives. If we are sad or angry, our moms know. They seem to know things that we never tell them, and they always know when something is wrong.

Most people call this a mother’s instinct, but the truth is, it is a special gift that most mothers have so that they can help to keep their children safe.

Final Thoughts

Use your psychic giftings to make sure that you are improving your life. Focus on the good things in your life and allow yourself to grow. Never hide the truth form yourself and be open minded.