How to Address Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are lies to perpetuate to survive emotional pain.  Human needs are meant to be fulfilled, experienced and reflected through love.  Though we consciously can’t process the depth of drive within us, our subconscious honors our need to “be loved well.”  The Divine made us to facilitate spreading that love to others.  All beings are worthy of being, experiencing, accepting, valuing, and honoring that love.  We must have purpose, know affection, and spread comfort in the aim of letting beings be known, heard, and understood.

All beings need to experience a sense of mattering to others and contributing to the community’s wellbeing. Sadly, we don’t always get to be loved in the manner we deserve.  When we experience the hurt of failure to be loved well, may often experience the toxicity that flows from that negativity.  People can feel angry, hurt, perplexed, frustrated, depressed, anxious, or lonely.  They may feel they have done all in their power to improve things, but their efforts are futile.  Our fall into survival mode to self-protect causes us to build heart walls, disassociate, create limiting beliefs.  Although we may become safe from the toxicity from emotional pain, we actually disconnect our mind from our body and invite disease into our being.  We can become rob of the very things we desire like joy, love, and peace.  Self-protection can be helpful, until it blocks your ability to move forward in life.

How to gain wisdom

Love is a complex and urges us to be vulnerable to cultivate a stronger intimacy to ensure all partners’ needs are met.  Love means acknowledging mistakes can be made, but it helps us gain wisdom.  Wisdom is also gained when we notice and learn from the mistakes of others.  It teaches us the appropriate boundaries we need to stay safe, but when we don’t establish healthy limits, it can trap us in a bubble of self-protection.  In this bubble, we can disassociate and form limiting beliefs that wall us off, not just from toxic energy, but the affections of others.  Limiting beliefs are one we retain in order to stay safe.  But they are lies we believe in the hopes of “surviving life,” justifying the “why” behind aspects we choose to either feel or not.

Why are limiting beliefs so powerful?

Limiting belief get created when unmet expectations foster unhealthy relationship dynamics.  In a healthy relationship, people feel valued, comforted, safe, and receive frequent affection.  We begin to find new aspects of ourself and trust begins to take root. We feel seen, heard, known, accepted, and uplifted.  Divine Love flows freely and our love for humanity is filled with high vibrational gratitude and joy. In healthy relationships, we feel the wholeness of ourself is love and accepted, so we don’t have to put on an act or try to bargain for anything.

Understanding unmet expectations

There is a big difference in thinking how you want something to turn out, and expecting them to happen.  It is normal to think and trust that others will love us appropriately.  Yet, in unhealthy relationships can reveal circumstances of when love is not well.  We lose the security of meeting basic needs and can start thinking we aren’t worthy of our dreams, goals, and even love.

In this fear we may process it through a self-protective lens that can justify the lie about why we can’t obtain our goals.  This may keep us safe for a little while, but ultimately will block us from moving forward in our life’s journey and having the ability to receive the love, acceptance, peace, and value we crave.  When we consistently feel others determine our power, we allow them to place a value on our love and worth.  When we believe that others are the only ones able to give us what we need, we end up manipulate them into filling the hole we are seeking to fill.  When we squander our power through a limiting belief, we fail to determine our own value, and thus continue a toxic cycle of need and victimhood.

Reclaiming your personal power

Now is the perfect time to start shedding your limiting belief.  To start follow the following steps:

  1. Thank yourself for protecting yourself in order to survive
  2. Give yourself permission to end these limiting beliefs
  3. Ask “Divine Love” to stop this lie(s) and negative judgments that have impacted your life. Recite: “Release me from all toxicity associated with [limiting belief(s)]. In its place grant me abundant life and love through the Divine.
  4. Forgive yourself for these lies and limitations
  5. Forgive yourself for working to survive. Speak aloud or journal this; addressing yourself by name. Be grateful you are transcending from surviving and in a healthy place to release this aspect you no longer need.
  6. State your readiness to move forward on your life’s journey with vigor
  7. Seal this intention with a blessing or prayer over your life
  8. Choose to move forward in your life
  9. Speak your truth in “loving others”
  10. Be mindfully aware of your thoughts so you never enter back into this limiting belief again. Strive to be present and honest with yourself every minute of each day.