What is a Natural Psychic Medium?

Natural Psychic Medium

A natural medium is someone that is born with the gift of mediumship. Here are some things that you might experience if you are a natural medium:

  • Had paranormal experiences as a child.
  • Had many imaginary friends.
  • Saw relatives that had died in your home.
  • You could sense spirits.
  • You have strong intuition.
  • You know things about people without them telling you.
  • You know when someone is going to die.
  • You can communicate with spirits.
  • You feel when spirits are around.
  • When someone knows you know why they died and how they felt.

People have different gifts and mediumship is a gift. When a person is a medium, they can use this gift to talk to spirits, but they need to develop this gift even if it is a natural gift for them.

They often have the ability to control their gifting and if they want to develop these gifts, they need to work to communicate with the spirit world.

Gifts of a Medium

There are different gifts that a medium will have such as:

  • Being able to talk to spirits.
  • Being able to know when a soul passes on.
  • Being able to use their body to talk to spirits.
  • Can do different readings and can talk to spirits for someone.
  • Can help families heal that are hurting.
  • Can help to get spirits to listen and to hear.

A medium is a person that has the gift to speak to the spirits in the spirit world. They often do readings for other people so that a family can get closure or understand what has happened to cause pain in the family.

Some mediums are used to help to find dead people and help the police to solve crimes. There are different mediums that are very popular for doing this and for helping to solve mysteries.


A medium is someone that has a psychic gift of being able to speak to the spirit world. If you think that you are a medium, pay attention to what happens around you and what you see or hear.

Some mediums are able to hear the spirits around them, to talk to them and to figure out where they have come from. Use your giftings to know what the spirit world is trying to show you.