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  1. Thanks for always being there for me I appreciate everything I truly do and I will follow your advice

  2. Great talking to 1lovereader, She is very practical and helpful.

  3. it’s always a pleasure to speak with Dora. she is practical and shots from the hip with her answers.

  4. Thanks so much for always being there and supportive and for your accuracy.

  5. Very accurate details… thank you!

  6. Thank you for being there and listiening.

  7. Thank you so much Nelly for your guidance 🙂

  8. Thank you for easing my mind.

  9. Thank you. Your always giving me good advice. Thank you for honesty and for caring love yah!

  10. AngelAnswers you are so sweet kind and you keep it real with me thank you for all of your much needed advice and support I appreciate all that you do thanks for keeping me sane and pushing me to have more faith and trust in my relationship you’re the best.

  11. It’s always a pleasure in talking with Portia. She is a very positive person.

  12. MysticTopaz is simply amazing. She has guided me through both good and bad times. She’s always been extremely accurate. She’s a gem.

  13. PsychicKim1,so accurate. Loved the xall

  14. “Talk with CrytalRose first didnt hear me well then sd my
    name and other person need to now the relation I
    had will be getting better or clise she didn’t see
    happens yet but state he loved me very dear. But
    need resolve other situations first and will take
    time. But she see his kind of he made desicions is
    low. But see him tinking about it. Thanks.”

  15. Million stars!!! Try her out, u can never go wrong!!
    Lucas ty.

  16. Thank you, Aldwyn, for telling it like it is.

  17. Alway wonderful talking with Harper

  18. “It was a good call she was able to help me understand what happen with my
    ex and his passing.. I’m nothing but devastated. But she was a great help.thank you CrystalRose”

  19. ” Portia said that Jedidah is not serious and not to waste any
    more time with him.”

  20. George is so empowering, kind, accurate and wise. He is unusual. Unusually great.

  21. lenapsychic covers all angles in a complex situation. She is spot on for a lot of her insight and offers advice on how to handle particular situations. Lena also makes it known that there is such a thing as a free will and that the situation could go 2 ways if presented as a choice.

  22. Janna Morningstar

    MissTula always gives me an accurate insights and guidance for the whole picture but not just a small portion of it. My situation is a bit complicated however it is slowly unfolding and I am hoping a happy ending as what you are seeing. No matter how, I still want to send my truly deeply thanks to you in helping me along. Talk to you soon!!!

  23. Dana Mortissen

    Seriously, I don’t know where I would be without your guidance Valentino. I seriously feel you must be one of my guardian angels in human form because you just… KNOW. Thank you for everything, always… I’m so grateful for you.

  24. Hoping this phase is almost over that he’s been guiding me through and look forward to GiftedGeorge’s guidance on my next journey! Absolutely beautiful soul!

  25. Olivia read my soul with ease! She didn’t even need birth dates. She read my situation to a T. She made me reconsider how I should handle my situation. She is one of the top advisors on this site.

  26. You have giving support to me and you make me calm down each time Serenity, even thought I must bug the hell out of you.

  27. Henrietta Thompson

    He called me out of the blue. I guess you knew that already. Hugs and Thanks. You’re priceless Serenity.

  28. Kelly is on target with her predictions. She always makes me feel positive and hopeful. Thanks Kelly….

  29. Love Genoveva, She is wonderful with her reading and very compassionate and caring. Her prediction about my finances came true.

  30. Adorable! Jennifer you were quick ,and left me smiling ear 2 ear! confirmed for me what ive been wanting to do,and sees me doing it!!! many blessing you made my day 😉 Waiting for the BIG MOVE!!!

  31. I appreciate her guidance and spiritual insight. Missj has a great way of seeing the big picture and helping you to stay positive when things don’t appear to be happening when you want them to. Reading from 7/22.

  32. Amazing! Prema really lifted a weight off my shoulders. Read the person in question like a book, gave me great advice, and really made me feel at ease with everything. I’d recommend her 10 x over!

  33. Her guidance is authentic and resonates deeply with truth. Highly recommended.

  34. Serenity was very nice to talk to seems to be able to help you feel comfortable. She knew what was going on in my life and told me some stuff about the problem and was really dead on. Now i just hope she is right we will see.

  35. This was my first reading with Missj,wonderful ,true,suggestive.I liked it.In any confusion in future I shall like to revert to her for discussion & guidance.

  36. Phenomenal, as always. Prema’s truly gifted, sweet, and above all, honest.

  37. You made me see things i normally would have passed by. Serenity, you are easy to understand and helped me understand about spirits

  38. First time talking to Dorothy, I contacted her to ask her about my lover because I was planning on proposing. other advisors told me fairytale stories, yet Kim was the only one to give me negative information….back then I thought maybe we just didnt connect and she was off….turns out she was the only accurate psychic at the end, what she told me did happen….she predicted that our relationship will end and we will be taking a break….It happened exactly the way she said it would…as sad as I am right now,,,,,she did tell me we will be getting back together and fixing it and getting married at the end….Lets hope you’ll be right again Dorothy…let’s see if the rest happens also.

  39. Satring’s immediate prediction did not happen, but the overall basis of the situation was correct. Her predictions have panned out before so free will intervened here.

  40. Good connection, PsychicDom knew information without asking questions. Definitely will use again.

  41. If my soul is feeling wary, I swear Robin is the one that knows how to calm the soul. Her remote healing abilities are so real. and that is just one of her gifts. Her predictions are slowly coming to fruition. although sometimes the timeline passes, the overall outcome and energy readings come to pass. if you are too focused on a timeline, you will most likely not see the results within that timeframe (trust me, I get stuck in obsessing over the timelines way too often). although, at times they do work, but sometimes they DON’T. so don’t get too caught up in it otherwise you will not see the light. but if you’re like me – constantly thinking… about everything – you just can’t help but to think think think about when when when. and it is those times when Robin still eases that anxiety and fear based thinking and is able to put a lot of calm to the mind. and that sense of peace is what will help bring about positive outcomes. it is the outcomes that matter. and hers are slowly coming to play for me.

  42. Still laughing about the 2 stars Lucas! LOL….Love you…you should have 10!

  43. I often go to MysticTopaz when I need to know what the situation is, and she is always patient with me and remembers me every time.

  44. Adri amazingly picked up on the emotions and situation. You’re absolutely a legit psychic. Thank you!

  45. Lucas, after reading with him I wrote everything down. He was so right about the family issues. It will never be the same again, He told me Things will come to the surface and just be patience. I will…Job wise I will be moving on…Happy for that one. Thank you

  46. Nicola is so fun and kind! Her ability to sense things is accurate and she offers guidance on how to manifest things as well as personal advice! Wonderful psychic to work with!

  47. Great experience and advice received. The feedback received from my reading were as if Thomas knew me. Positive energy and Tarot reading ability is on point!

  48. Lucas was incredible! So detailed and not holding back. You can tell he has such a strong and pure connection with spirit and his messages are a straight forward download. Thank you wonderful soul.

  49. Missj provided quick responses that were very specific. Clued right in on my concerns. Very conversational and enjoyed the read immensely.

  50. Abigail Constantino

    Thank you for calming me Ms Serenity. He texted back and we had a good exchange. I do wish I were better at letting it all go though. I find myself living a life of being patient for things to get better. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  51. I’ve been getting readings with Thomas for a couple of yrs. His predictions have always came true. He is very sweet and accurate. I hope this reading will happen. Didnt get a chance to ask when it will happen. Ran out of time.

  52. Excellent reader. Robin’s spot on with timing and she’s a lot of energy to share and helps you to be happy.

  53. Dom is highly professional and gifted psychic. He picked up my energy immediately and helped me to get my emotional balance back. I will definitely call Dom again. I rate his today’s reading as 5 stars.

  54. I’m sorry Thulla, I ran out of time but thank you so much for making me feel better. I was in a verge of losing my mind and sending him an emotional text. I’m so glad I called you before doing that. I just have to be patient and meditate every night for him. Thanks again

  55. I am grateful to have had the privilege to speak with Dom. I am so glad I was guided to speak with him! I am blown away by his mastery of what he does and really, overwhelmed by how much he cares about the help he provides. He really does put his heart into giving you his best. I haven’t felt this confident about the information I received from Dom with any other advisor, although I appreciate any I have spoken with. I highly recommend seeking out his guidance. THANK YOU Dom!

  56. Starangle connected very well. She answered all my questions and even provided suggestions on the situation in mind. Awesome!

  57. Rebecca Anderson

    Aldwyn knew about two issues in my life, and what is happening with both, without me telling him beforehand. Gave me chills! A true Master of Tarot! Kind and intelligent guy, gets straight to the point and doesn’t waste minutes. Great Reading! Thank you,Aldwyn!

  58. Zylisaa is my GO TO, she is insightful, warm, funny and spot on. There have been days I will call just to have her help me make sense of the energy I feel, she always understands what I’m going through and guides with love.

  59. Good read. Thanks Serenity for your support and positive attitude.

  60. Awesome!!! Fiona saw what happened in sequence and i now that she’s being honest with future.

  61. I’m so happy to have CherryLyn’s advice and support! She puts her whole heart into her readings, and I know what she’s telling me is in my best interest. Thanks CherryLyn!

  62. Thank you! You’ve been great. You’re name Serenity suits you well. God bless.

  63. Luci was great! When I asked her questions I got specific answers back! She gave me a peace of mind about my relationship! Sorry I couldn’t say bye before the call ended! Thank you!!

  64. Hagann Krisgiannaa

    First time caller. Very impressed. Maureen is fast and to the point. Really enjoyed the reading. Will call again.

  65. Tatiana Arciniegas

    Melissa’s predictions have came to pass! Very quick, no sugar coating, just exactly what it is! Thank you!

  66. Natasha Reynolds


  67. Sabrina Henderson

    Loved her very down to earth and accurate! Julia is straight forward and is compassionate. My favorite!!

  68. Flourina Forbes

    Very enlightening!! I appreciate that Julia is very consistent in her reading Indicated that a new job offer in a week.

  69. Rebecca Coleman

    As always Ms Solutions is the best. Will totally call her again. She was accurate and quick on the draw.

  70. Ok, I will totally admit that I did NOT believe Adrian when she saw my person of interest having TWO children, because she definitely only has ONE right now….however, last week, my POI informed me she is 3 months pregnant. Sooooo….Adrian, you were freaking right! Even though there are issues in the marriage, it looks like that didn’t stop them from conceiving another child, so kind of crappy news for me, but I do still receive tons of confirmation from advisors, including Adrian, that my POI is interested and has feelings for me. I guess time will tell, but just needed to review my reading to say that Adrian was VERY accurate, what she saw was spot on. Thanks Adrian!

  71. Hadlee Chamberlain

    I feel the heaviness in my heart was lifted…. Beth has such a beautiful way of bringing healing in powerfully relevant, wise and humorous ways.

  72. Jenny is SOO AMAZING..Fast typer; detailed; accurate and honest..And also positive..She is the real deal here..She knew the past so well..She knew the current situation. She did not ask for information but she knew everything so well.

  73. This was my second reading with Lilia. I only spoke to her once years ago and when she came on the phone she remembered exactly who I was. There is something very calming and healing about her voice and her demeanor. I really enjoyed speaking to Lilia again. I myself became very calm and at ease after our conversation. Thank you Lilia for everything!! I will be back in line soon..

  74. Thank you Emma, I am trying to circulate like you say but I guess I wanted things to work out with him. You say he will be back hopefully he will come back with a apology and want to make a go of us. Well all I can do is wait and see. Thank you.. for your reading.

  75. Henrietta Mitchell

    More than wonderful but might have to wait a bit, and Hunter is worth every single penny! Amazing a+++ advisor

  76. Very gifted and kind, I finally have some answers. I wish I would have called you 2 months ago it would have saved me a lot of money, a lot of tears and a lot of anguish!!!

  77. Very caring and insightful. Thanks, Ginnie! You’re always spot on.

  78. Emma is the most calming advisor. She remains confident and consistent with each of her readings. I just need to remain patient and allow things to unfold the way she sees and feel they will. Any good psychic will tell you that timing is difficult but it doesn’t change the outcome of the situation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this advisor. Emma, please send Chuck & myself positive energy. I’m sending you love & light. Looking forward to speaking again soon! – Dee

  79. Hi Shemere, I wanted to give you an update on Felix. The last few months have been heartbreaking. I appreciate your thoughtful insights Shemere – they’ve been extremely comforting.

  80. Loved Melissa! She really helped me. No specific predictions right now but she knew exactly what was going on and predictions before came to fruition.

  81. Your insight is AMAZING!!!! Thank you Sita for all that you do and most of all, how you do it. By remembering names and people and pets! You always making me feel as if I am the most important person in the world to you; and at that moment we spend together talking on the phone, I know that I am..

  82. Kind. Excellent reading with Sita. Accurately detailed.

  83. Truly gifted, everything she has told me has been absolutely correct!!! She has been the only one who has been able to “clearly” see things for how they really are.

  84. Noel uses her guides and the insights are never wrong. This woman is truly gifted and I will be talking to her more often!!

  85. Dorothy McClelland

    Thank you Liam for confirming and easing my heart and mind. Patience is what I am having to learn and practice with this man. The fact that he does love me and sees me as his gf even though he says something else makes me happy. I plan to call back soon. Thank you once again Liam.

  86. I just love Tula. I love her soft spoken voice. She says she always sees bright energy around me and lots of angels and positive energy like no other she’s seen before. She’s such a delight to talk to. 🙂 Can’t wait for the rest of predictions to unfold.

  87. Noel, you knock my socks off and see things like no one else can. Please don’t ever leave!

  88. I just dont know what else can I say. I’m an empath and thanks to Melissa, I can deal better with it. Thank you limitless flower!!

  89. Thank you Joan, what a pleasure speaking with you today. I’m still smiling. There is no doubt in my mind about your ability once you started speaking to me about my situation. I like your style and I will take heed to what you said. I certainly look forward to speaking with again Joan. God Bless!

  90. Just a pleasure. Noel is right on and knows exactly what is going on. I love her not because I heard what I wanted to hear but she is a true gifted PSYCHIC.

  91. Excellent as always!!!!! Luke never failed to amaze me.

  92. Thank you also for the great advise on dealing with this. Thank you so much for telling me what I really needed to hear and not what I wanted hear. In the long run this what I really needed.. I think I know what I need to do now, and move on and not be so wrapped up in these false hopes that other advisors have given me.

  93. Liam has such confidence in his predictions and in turn this gives me confidence that they will come true.

  94. Shemere is spot on with great advice. No leading questions. She is truly tuned in. She wastes no time either.

  95. CherryLyn’s very intuitive and connecting to my situation with good feedback that helped! She really helped me a lot!

  96. Wow! Helen just blew my mind! She saw all the loss I had in the past 5 years and she saw my ex with another man and her taking my daughter and moved in to I fought to reconcile she saw all that with just my name. Helen also said she saw others on this site tell me she would come back and apologized for that. I wish I had more funds to speak with her. But she is real. Ty so much. Sorry we got cut off. ‘ll call u again when I have more funds!

  97. Thank you for the lovely reading Noel. Love can be tough sometimes, thanks to your guidance I have faith that it will get better.

  98. Alex, I met the man you described. Cancer, goal oriented, always on the move. The only thing is it last a week and now he has ghosted me suddenly. I’m sad about it as I really liked him so im back in your line.

  99. Dolly was spot on. She is amazing, pending predictions but very accurate about present situation with my career!

  100. She’s so direct and clear. She figured out a lot without me telling anything. Thank you Teresa.

  101. Dolly, thank you so much for your patience and guidance. You have always been so accurate about my current and past situation. You amazed me with things that only I could’ve known. You are truly gifted. I have so much faith in you and I cannot wait for the positive things to unfold. Thank you for being here for all of us.

  102. I absolutely loved Stephanie. It was like she knew me and my POI for years. Will definitely be calling back and I hope all of her predictions come to pass.

  103. There is absolutely no one else that can calm my sometimes-questioning heart and can soothe my sometimes-unsettled soul like Ginnie…and only Ginnie. It is this rare gift she has: a blend of mind-blowing psychic abilities, profound wisdom, boundless warmth, and a genuine caring for all she reads for.

  104. Mya, he did reach out like you said he would. Remember, how I thought he was seeing someone? Well I did ask him if he had a girlfriend and he said no he did not have a girlfriend but that he was dating a girl. I am not quite sure what the difference is.. but it broke my heart to hear him say that. Mya, I will be calling you back. B/c now I am confused.

  105. It was a pleasure to finally talk to you. Sita, you are truly gifted. Thank you so much for the uplifting message. I pray everything works out . Thank you, hopefully will seek your guidance again.

  106. They went on vacation together with his kid, posted pictures of so perfect family together online. All smiling and hugging. I’m giving up, Alex. He stays there. You were right, he might give in and stay. Looks like that’s the case. Looks like I’m lying to myself waiting for him.

  107. Shelly, I want to thank you for your kindness, patience, wisdom, and guidance. Your insight has been invaluable in helping me navigate this stressful period of my life. You have picked up on things that only someone truly gifted could have known.

  108. What I like about Martha is she’s honest. She will tell you if somethings not going to move forward or if she feels it will.

  109. Alex, I was shocked that you said the communication with P was positive… in light of what he said.. I took your advice and texted back to him.. thanking him for getting back to me and that when he feels better and is up to it.. I would love to see him again, I also told him I cared about him deeply. I saw on facebook a picture of a horse and a cat hugging the horse, I had to laugh cause that is what you said he represents a horse and me a cat… I sent that to him saying that I was sending this to him with many hugs… anyway, I sort of have lost hope that I will be with him again but you gave me some rays of light… it seems at this point a hopeless.. anyway thank you.

  110. Always a great reading. Ginnie’s predictions always come to light. I am looking forward to when it happens.

  111. Thank you Loriann. After we talked, I received an email that I didn’t get the job we discussed, you’re so right. Perhaps there is adjunct teaching opportunity at that school.

  112. Suzanne Isenberg

    Agree with everyone – Loriann is very gifted. Told me the story of my love life – how we met, how we became together, why things are the way they are now. I was impressed by the level of detail. I hope your predictions about us are correct. Thank you Loriann 🙂

  113. There are no words to capture the gratitude I feel towards Clara. Her bottomless gift of seeing is without compare. Her inherent poetry in how she delivers these truths she sees is rarer than happening upon a four-leaf clover in the midst of winter. Every reading with her opens a new door of hope for me that true love indeed will prevail.

  114. Thanks you for your gifted guidance! Sita is amazing and a true blessing.

  115. Martha is wonderful as usual! You are a treasure.

  116. Violet is so awesome. She reads so well and picks up alot, very on point.

  117. Tanya does not leave you astray. You can be sure she will give you an honest reading. She has been so “on it” about picking up on my situation and she is so compassionate.

  118. I needed her reassurance from her previous reading. Shelly stuck to her guns! I explained how hopeless I have been feeling and she helped me learn how to focus and stay on the straight and narrow. An old flame I still have a connection with is taking longer then expected. She remembered my situation, I said if its not happening just tell me, I would rather take it like punch in the stomach and get on with my life cause I was just feeling so down.. OMG, Shelly blew me away with that! So she is the real deal! Shelly made me feel better, straightened me out so I still have hair on my head!

  119. A lot of things happened from what Martha has told me. Waiting on relationship to unfold.

  120. Ricardo, once again thank you from the bottom of my heart! You’re the best Ricardo.

  121. Martha is great. She is worth the short wait and the money. Martha answers your questions fast and is very kind and honest. I plan on calling back in about two weeks when predictions are said to unfold.

  122. Robin is as good as all the glowing reviews are stating. She is worth the wait. She gave such an informative reading and if you are into astrology, it’s even better. I’m still laughing about the farmer picture and yes, I am pursuing work on my intuitive skills. She picked up on my situation right away and had great advice. I will definitely call again!

  123. James Chamberlain

    Kristine, it was really great speaking to you on Sunday. I was having a really emotional day and you were just so comforting and loving. Although, the turn out is probably not what I would like. I know you were honest and sincere. You tuned right in so quickly and accurately to my situation and all emotions and reality of the individual involved.

  124. Robin is my absolute favorite psychic. She is right to the point, friendly and she wont waste your time.

  125. Manda Martinotti

    I love you Sophia. It’s starting to happen. Sophia, you are so compassionate and your voice just makes me calm down. God gave you such gift to help people like me. Trillion stars to you, Sophia.

  126. You are the best! Luke, you’re worth every penny.

  127. Sita, thank you for you great and positive reading. it’s a wait time now and I really pray things will work out the way you see them. I’ll be the happiest woman in the world then.

  128. Molly, I’m gonna call you my guardian angel. Thank you so much for such a nice reading. You’re truly gifted. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful year!

  129. This reading was amazing, Katherine understood my situation in such detail. I will see how it all plays out, thank you so much for you help and i will be back in touch soon.

  130. Awesome reading. I hope you’re right again! Thanks Alex, I will call again, when I get off track and need too!! Alex, you’ve been right every time.

  131. Benjamin is an incredible reader!! Will definitely continue to call. A joy to talk to!

  132. She is awesome! I really enjoy speaking with Marie. She always has comforting and encouraging words for me.

  133. My angel, hoping that everything will come to pass like last time. Thank you so much for being accurate, Sofia.

  134. Exceptional reading! Honesty is key and Robin delivers! Be prepared for the truth and accept that time is fluid. If Robin gives directions, follow them and you won’t be steered in the wrong direction. You may not always like hearing the truth, but she has your best interest in mind! Keep notes, understand the imagery shared, listen and be patient, all will work out as it should! Thanks Robin.

  135. Donovan, thank you for your reading. It’s really open my eyes to a whole new perspective on my former relationship. I will take to heart what you’ve said. A lot of the things you pointed out were definitely true.

  136. He called just like Donovan said he would. Thank you for being accurate, Donovan.

  137. Thank you for being on a little early this morning and thank you for your take on my situation. Sita, you are a treasure!

  138. Thank always Robin… I will work on my faith!

  139. Mary is extremely amazing. She confirm what someone else have said. She is one of my favorite for a reason. I am so excited I can’t put it into words. I have to call back immediately with a lot of other questions.

  140. Wonderful. Thank you Nina for your insight on my current situation you really helped me figure things out.

  141. The reading with Annie was great. Am praying what she said will come true. Will have to wait a while.

  142. Zylisaa is outstanding. She truly has a gift and I would rate her at the top of the top!

  143. Thank you so much Robin for having the honesty and integrity to tell me what you saw and not just what i wanted to hear and promises of a reunion. i felt like i was talking to a real psychic and not someone paid to give general readings/advice and tell people what they want to hear. thank you, thank you, thank you, Robin.

  144. I’ m so glad we connected again. I love talking to Alex. He dives right into your situation. Not wasting your dollars. He has been pretty accurate with his predication for me and all have come true.

  145. Thanks Debra for a great reading. I learned a long time ago why certain people are targeted – kindness is mistaken for weakness. If you are kind, those who like to bully see that as weakness and they believe you are an easy target – I’m not weak and I’ve been told that by a few who tried to target me. I’ve also seen a lot of good, kind people be targeted by bullies and wonder why it happened to them. I help when I can to expand their awareness so long as I can still protect myself. Thanks for the wonderful reading and advice.

  146. I had a great reading and connection with Donovan. He’s fast and to the point.

  147. Fantastic! I think Dee really connects to my situation with the man. I am hoping to have a relationship with.

  148. Fantastic person, very warm hearted and honest. Takes patience to get through to Katherine, but it’s well worth the wait.

  149. Wow! This was my first reading with Anthony and I have to say he was amazing! Picked up things quickly. Very comforting. I got great advice and I will follow it.

  150. Thank you. I like how Dee was very direct. There were no vague answers but it was straight and to the point.

  151. He is caring, compassionate and always right on target. Thank you Donovan.

  152. You always said I would have two kids and the little girl would be my eldest and be just as strong as I am. Never thought my kids would be the puppies that made me whole again. Thank you, Jasmine.

  153. Very nice and on point. Dee is a wonderful reader. She is always positive and caring. I love her sense of humor and her candor.

  154. Janice Culbertson

    Anthony, you were right with the timing. Only a bump got hit last night and don’t know what will happen now. You were right though about his feelings. He expressed everything.

  155. Christine Collins

    Wonderfully insightful and to the point, Katherine wasted no time getting to the nitty gritty and knowing I still have family that has passed around us makes me feel a whole lot better. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great reading.

  156. I enjoyed talking with Maria. She is pleasant and I trusted her council right away. Maria helped me to understand my challenges . The challenge I was most concerned about she addressed first and I had not mentioned it or asked about it. I am grateful and appreciative to have spoken to her.

  157. Luke was so good! He knew things no one else would. Had such amazing insight so I can’t wait to talk to him again.

  158. It was nice to talk to Debra today. I wish we had more time to talk. Thank you Debra. I will talk to you soon again.

  159. I’m still in shock and extremely grateful! Thank you, Camille.

  160. Ginnie has been right about pretty much everything! Told me that I would lose my job and as much as I hate to say it…. She was right.

  161. I am very glad that I made the call to Molly. Being that this was my first psychic experience, it was rather emotional & overwhelming in a good way. Thank you to Molly for that.

  162. Excellent reading. She’s very knowledgeable and personable. I’m so lucky to have Serena as my psychic.

  163. Sita is awesome. I felt immediate connection.

  164. I love readers that don’t only tell you the future, but inspire you for the changes you are going through and how to make it through it. Penelope is a one true psychic.

  165. Good reader and accurate. You wont go wrong with Shelly. Give her a try.

  166. Just had an amazing reading with Dee. She picked up on things so well and confirmed all of my feelings and intuitions. Plus, she gave great advice. Thanks so much, I definitely will be back!

  167. Sher is always right. I rely on her most definitely.

  168. Fast and uses time wise. She’s honest and also helps one to put things in perspective. calming. Thank you, Chantel.

  169. Priscilla is really good. She even described his couch which was a perfect description! Incredible! She is seriously someone that I need to have in my life forever! And this is not because of her gift but rather because I have developed a bond with her. Priscilla has become someone that I trust unconditionally.

  170. Savannah Wildflower

    I felt Maya was spot on as far as pegging the personality of my person of interest. There were details she listed that sounded very accurate! Hoping that everything comes to pass just as she said!

  171. I have read with Maya many times and have always trusted her guidance. She’s someone you can rely on.

  172. Always direct and caring, and honest. Debra helps me see things with much more clarity when emotions are fogging my vision.

  173. I trust you, Karen. You are quick with your answers, you are accurate and very honest. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  174. Natalie Eldridge

    Amber is in POI’s head. Don’t know how she does it. Amber is so accurate!

  175. Amber’s as good as my very own secret agent. She’s looking into people/situations with scary accuracy. I need to spend a good hour with Amber, I have a ton more questions. Thank you Amber, you’re amazing!

  176. Priscilla Gomez

    Shana is gifted and genuine. I love her style straightforward, honest and on point.

  177. Debra’s ability to share information that she receives from angels has been valuable to me. She not only
    shares the information, but she is able to see “”the whole picture””; sometimes when we are so close to a
    situation we are unable to see the extent of a problem.”

  178. Krystal Pritchett

    Ginnie is a pistol!!! Bang on and quick at picking up info. Ginnie is fast so be ready for a quick download of information. Never mind the accent, just focus on her voice and you will be able to communicate fine. Ginnie is a lovely soul and very gifted.

  179. Nicole is so patient on my questions and never waiver on her predictions as some of them had already unfolded. I am looking forward to the big one to come and I do trust her insights and have faith on her. Thank you for all the amazing and fantastic readings.

  180. Heather was on point because she was able to confirm my intuitive feelings. I enjoyed my reading with Heather because of her honesty.

  181. First time caller. Sabrina is very compassionate. Extremely intuitive. She sees more than what’s on the surface. Confident with the messages she receives from your interest.

  182. Thank you Will. I always love talking to you.

  183. Katherine was really on point this call. She revealed the truth. She wont sugarcoat and will tell you the truth. Thank you.

  184. Debra was amazing! She really did what needs to be done.

  185. Always great talking to Shana! She will always tells the truth.

  186. I gave Amber very little information before she was already giving me back details and answers to my questions! Pleasantly surprised how accurate she was during my reading. Amber never gave me general information or rambled on with non-important, or vague information (wasting minutes). Amber was very focused! Great reading!

  187. Shana was amazing! She had tons of details and accuracy expressed with plenty of compassion. I will definitely be reaching out to her again. She really helped me through a tough day.

  188. I loved her. Sita was on point. I think she was right next to me lol. She’s awesome person and very straightforward.

  189. Absolutely amazing experience! Shelly was spot on describing my guy’s character without me giving too many details. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was. Shelly also mentioned several things that were very unique about us. I do trust Shelly.

  190. I always get an honest reading from Carol. She is also very gifted in her ability to see right through the intentions and feelings of the person in question.

  191. Katerena is outstanding. She’ll be my only psychic from now on.

  192. This is impressive and to be true, because the person I inquired about have shared those thoughts with me! If you are looking for truth, then you can find it here. Aurora is extremely an amazing reader!

  193. Anna is always good… I read how folks say the reading changed but if your reading the now… Can’t folks change their mind and think differently. I think that’s what is forgotten, how often we can think about something and our views can change…

  194. Once again, she gets right into people’s heads. Samara has amazing gift and is the real deal!!!

  195. She knew exactly how my love interest thinks and what his priorities are. I will follow up with future outcomes as they come to pass. Maya is very gifted!!!

  196. Excellent as always! Annabelle, you are the best.

  197. Totally amazing! Mellie is a good reader and advisor. She’s not just doing it for the money.

  198. Richard is spot on and wonderful to talk to! He will be one of my favorite psychics from now on.

  199. Amazing, Sita was very on point and sweet.

  200. Juliana’s the real deal! I was so skeptical but what she told me my dad was saying was spot on to things he would say. I will be a repeat customer.

  201. Speaking to Samara was quite pleasant. Straight to the point and answered all my questions. Will definitely be going back for more readings.

  202. Sable is outstanding and very accurate. She goes the extra mile.

  203. I really appreciate your help and allowing me to connect with my fiance. It did provide me some comfort. Thank you, Stephanie.

  204. Sable is very informative. You have a gift and thank you!

  205. Sena was on point in everything! She felt the toxic work environment I work in as if she’s there herself. She continued giving me insight on the motivations of the people surrounding me and gave me spiritual tactics I can use to stay in my own positive vibes.

  206. Sable is very accurate! Thank you for advice and the message afterwards.

  207. I did have doubt for a moment because the reading was on target about things being mostly awkward. I almost questioned if I’d feel comfortable, but sure enough Julia was right. She was warm enough to even give her experience with a similar manner and just like that, whatever she explained actually happened in my case exactly! If you find a solid connection with her, it’s quite helpful.

  208. I always have the best connection with Debra! She’s so sweet and thoughtful! She’s my 10 star psychic!

  209. I really respect Jen for the clarity of her guidance and the gentle, kindness she shares. No concern is too small, and the large concerns are never too big.

  210. I had another reading with Ariel. She was able to see some patterns that were holding me back in many areas in my life. Her Shamanic gifts are really amazing. I feel calmer now, more than I have in many years.

  211. Great reading, connected directly into my situation with clarity and kindness.

  212. Thank you for clarity regarding my point of interest. Stephanie, I will callback.

  213. Love talking with Marian. She helps in so many ways. Thank you, Marian!

  214. I found Ann to be very articulate and spot on with her insight and ability to see my situation. She gave me the clarity to be able to file things away, so that I may move and process forward. The truth really does set one free. Thank you for affording me that today.

  215. Very informative and right on. Lori can give you the clarity that you needed.

  216. Mimi is definitely one of a kind. I wish I knew her sooner.

  217. Wow! She was spot on, I didn’t have to say much. Nina give me a sense of clarity after the phone call I felt calm. I definitely will be calling back.

  218. Her depth and accuracy are uncanny. I trust her completely, and she’s a wonderful person to talk to. Highly recommend.

  219. Raven is good. She gave a me detailed reading that was totally spot on.

  220. He is very good in readings. He’s very accurate. Thank you so much Thomas.

  221. Zen is great. She is not only spot on but she gives you confidence that was slipping from me. I can’t say “Thank you” enough. You’ve put my mind at ease with your clairvoyance abilities.

  222. I got cutoff at the very end of the reading but everything Gary told me was spot on! I felt very calm and relaxed while Gary was talking with me. Thank you for helping me put some of my life’s issues in perspective. I appreciate you and what you do!

  223. Ronnie picked up on all the things that I asked about. She was polite and thorough. Overall, this was a good reading.

  224. Annabelle zoomed in on my situation immediately. She described this guy I’m dating’s personality perfectly. She actually described several people’s personalities to me! Annabelle is great! She’s understanding and soothing too.

  225. Please pray for us and thank you for your insights. Sorry it seemed so rushed at the end… Thank you for your vision and thoughtfulness and accuracy and making me feel like you are right there in the trenches with me.

  226. Zoe is truly, absolutely and categorically my heart’s salvation! She helped me moved on from the past that kept me down for so long.

  227. What would I do without you? Maya, you are possibly the most amazing person I know. Thank you for helping me put things into perspective and teaching me all about having faith.

  228. Now that I finally spoke with Zen, I really don’t want to speak with anyone else anymore. She was spot on, very humble and quite connected with me and the situation.

  229. Truly gifted, everything Ginger has told me has been absolutely correct! She has been the only one who has been able to “clearly” see things for how they really are.

  230. What good things can I say about Troy that haven’t already been said? Troy is good at telling you yeah or nay… He is warm, caring and you can laugh a lot with him. Troy is very grounding and his astrology background comes into play a lot of times with his readings.

  231. I did not say a word and she knew exactly what went on. AnneMarie, you are really a genuine psychic. She will tell you what is the truth and not what you want to hear. Take care and will keep you posted.

  232. Robin uses astrology and her abilities to see things. I read with Robin a year and a half ago… She saw my partner coming back in and she thought it would be soon back then and it happened… She makes a lot of sense. Give her a try.

  233. Robin absolutely blew me away as soon as she began talking to me. She picked up that I was creative and a children’s book writer. Even as far as to know what my book was about! I was floored! She nailed it! I didn’t even tell her. She picked up accurately on many many things that are currently happening in my life. I’m so excited for things she sees and I believe she has a true gift.

  234. Olivia is direct and tells you how it is, not how you would like it to be. She is great. On our first call she read the person spot on and even told me there sign and that a celebration was happening which was true.

  235. Thank you, Robin. You gave me a very magical reading and it help me to be grounded. I will call you again.

  236. There is such a warmth to her voice and I love how she greets me with such positivity. She was the only advisor who told me that my ex and I would not be getting back together which was true, we never did. My reading with Carol today was so on point and she explained why I have not been communicating with the person in question.

  237. Jackie Anderson

    You’ll never go wrong talking with Molly. She’s very inspiring and she’ll tell you everything.

  238. Nicole Pearson

    Donovan is a pleasure to talk to. He helped a great deal in regards to my situation. He’s truly gifted!

  239. Robin was very kind and reassuring. She certainly lived up to all her good reviews.

  240. Adalia Pellettier

    Donovan is my favorite and is always wonderful to talk with. He is always truthful and if you need some answers, he is the advisor to talk with!

  241. Carol, you were ah-mazing! You’re so on point and detailed. Will keep you posted on how things pan out.

  242. Robin is so easy to talk to. She has always been right and she’s my favorite advisor.

  243. I appreciate Brandy’s honesty, advice and insights about the matter. Your gifts truly matters to everyone that you’re doing readings with. Thanks.

  244. Wow! I guess I am going to make a move to Ireland! Samara was great to talk to, like I was talking to a friend I’ve had all my life. Fabulous. I will be calling back.

  245. Wow is all I can say… Jeni and top advisors are saying the same thing with my situation. I came away knowing I am on the right path and looking forward to my future!

  246. Bella Bernstein

    Samara, you rock! You described him exactly how he is. Your advice was really great as well.

  247. Yana is very gifted, she’s been spot on. She knew exactly what I called about.

  248. Amazing! Accurate! I was stunned with some of the specific information she knew. Prepare to be blown away by Antonia.

  249. Shana was nice and seemed connected… I will wait to see if predictions come true.

  250. Jeni really made me feel like I didn’t have to rush things. She explained and described me in ways I could never have myself. I will only be calling her in the future. Thank you so much for your calming words, Jeni.

  251. May, you were right about the party you told me about and the matching thing too…

  252. OMG! Did I say you were the best, Ginnie? If not I’m telling you now… I just talked to you today. You said I would get my money from him. I texted and told him I was home and would leave his receipt for tomorrow. Like you told me too! Well, he called me and said he was going to stop by his sisters which lives nearby from me and he would call when he was coming this way. He brought my money over today just like you said! You’re always spot on, Ginnie!

  253. Dee is the most caring, loving and kind person you will find on this site. If you have not spoken with Dee yet you are missing out! All her predictions she has set for me have happened and the really big one has just started and I could not have gotten to where I am if I had not found Dee. Her guidance and help has been worth every penny spent on here.

  254. Sena is a real gem on this site. I find her reading to be extra specific and has really opened many doors into understanding the complexities on my situation. I use her regularly and get amazed over and over. She’s highly recommended.

  255. Oliver Patterson

    I love speaking to Molly. She is awesome and she will give you all the details you need to know!

  256. Jules, my dear you were right. The “12” you were seeing represented the time of the day he called and it was two days after you and I spoke. I feel better now so we’ll see how it goes with him.

  257. Out of all the advisors that I have talked to, Camille has been the best so far. She sees details that the others don’t and some of what she has told me so far has already happened and I can’t wait for the rest of her predictions to unfold for me. Always a pleasure to talk with you Camille.

  258. You always calm me down… Keep the prayers coming, I can wait for the prediction to come to fruition like the others.

  259. I know that I lost my faith but I hope that everything will come through as you say. Hope things will manifest just like how your prediction came to fruition few months ago.

  260. Sable has been seeing the same vision for the past year almost. She’s very accurate about everything and I’m sure what she said will happen.

  261. Initially, I was hurt when Carmen told me should couldn’t read for me anymore and had to end our call. I didn’t understand it or appreciate it at the time. However, now I want to thank Carmen because I don’t feel the need to call anymore or spend anymore money. Thank you, Carmen!

  262. Thanks for everything, you are great! I know that you’re there as my rock to keep me strong. I will call back.

  263. I like Sage very much. I see some evidence that her predictions came to fruition so she gets a 5 star.

  264. Tabitha is excellent! She is trustworthy and you can rest assured that her predictions will come true.

  265. Thank you, Molly. I’m going to do the work and I’m going to break the loop and I’ll check back in with you in about a month! Thank you for your candor and your resources.

  266. He stopped by the store today. Every time I get mad at him, he brings me my mail. Guess he figures I won’t yell at him in the store. Thank you, Amber.

  267. After I get done talking to Katerena, I feel the value I get for the money I spent is so great. Comfort and insight are only a phone call away when you need it the most. Thank you, Katerena.

  268. Antonia is a very sweet lady and pleasant to talk to. Will wait to see if predictions come to pass.

  269. Ginnie is truly a psychic. She’s been so spot on with her readings. Thank you, Ginnie.

  270. Mike, I’m so glad I reached you this morning. Talking with you gave me much peace.

  271. What can I say? You are awesome, Dino! It’s so hard to get hold of him but it’s worth the wait. He’s so gifted.

  272. It was such a pleasure to get to speak with you, Alicia. Thank you for your ever enduring patience with me.

  273. Ginnie really is on another level. A great spiritual teacher once explained to me using the metaphor of a library that some psychics might have a library card that gets them a lot of information, but their library card only goes up to a certain floor of the library. Ginnie clearly can be trusted to go to the higher floors and can access a lot of detailed information. PsychicOz has fantastic advisors and sometimes you don’t need the highest level of information but when you do, someone like Ginnie can access it. Thank you, Ginnie.

  274. Amber, you are an angel. I want to thank you so much for being patient with me. I will definitely keep you posted as everything unfolds!

  275. Luke is amazing. One thing he’s been saying in my readings is that he’s going to start posting photos of you, weeks pass, and I see me on his story as a marketing photo. On my readying on 2/6 she said it again. Hours later I’m the photo of his page. Thank you. I can’t wait for the rest to unfold.

  276. Daisy has an amazing gift. She goes so deep and fast to the people around you, including their feelings and struggles. She is so gifted.

  277. Never met her in person but I would give her a big hug for all the countless times she has helped me. Laurie helped me more times than I can count.

  278. Ginnie has helped me through the darkest days of my life. She is a God send and her predictions are amazingly accurate… She is amazing!

  279. Ronnie, thank you for the information regarding my partner. I hope your prediction and timeframe passes.

  280. Tula told me poi will try to show me more and it is happening now. It is being a long road but I always see what you tell me and I feel so much better after talking to you. Thank you for your patience and for being there.

  281. Mind blowing! She is very gifted and just amazing. Ginger’s very detailed and helped clear my mind of all my concerns. She’s worth every dollar. Thank you.

  282. Jules is one of the best here! She knows what what I feel and what bothers me without me saying anything.

  283. Arjun is extremely kind and reassuring. He gave me the truth while being gentle and I appreciate it.

  284. Prediction came to pass. Ginnie can easily tapped in to someone’s energy.

  285. You’re truly the best, Brooke! Thank you for helping me all these times.

  286. Tula is amazing. She does not waste anytime answering your questions and she is always honest and accurate with her information. She is a must read.

  287. Awesome! Audrey is real psychic! You should give it a try, she’s really awesome.

  288. Neo is so talented as always. He is right when she tells me something is going to happen, it happens.

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