How to Live When Missing the Ex

How to Live When Missing the Ex

It can be hard after a breakup and it can leave you missing your ex. Rather this has been just a few days or even years, some people miss their exes for a while because they played such a huge role in their lives. This is something that you can stop though, and it doesn’t have to control your life. Missing your ex should never leave you stuck and not able to move on with your life.

Here are some ways to be able to move forward and live a good life:


Some people don’t believe that meditation can work, and this is probably because they haven’t tried to add it to their lifestyle. Meditating can make you feel weird at first and it can be uncomfortable, but the truth is, once you get used to it, it can really help you.

After a hard breakup, meditating can help you to move on through your life. It can give you a chance to reflect on things that are important in your life instead of focusing on the things that are hurtful. You have to learn to push yourself to do this because at first, it’s hard. By self-reflecting, you can learn to see what kind of feelings you are having.

Learn to fight through your pain, hurt and your insecurities. Mediate just a few minutes each day at first and then once you find your pace, do it more. This will help you to be grounded and can bring you peace with yourself instead of always focusing on the past.

Find a Hobby

Another great thing to do to move on is to find a new hobby. Maybe there are things you wanted to try when you were with your partner, and you never had the chance. Now is the item. Try things that you have never tried before and don’t worry if you are good at it or not. Never let fear stop you.

Start with one hobby that you have been interested in and then go for more. Try things like cycling, hiking, photography, bowling, roller skating or anything else that you like. As you learn a new hobby, you will find that it takes your mind off of your ex and you will have less time to miss them. This will also give you more confidence in who you are.

Focus on Friends and Family

When you are so caught up about what you are feeling, chances are that you forget the people that have been in your life way before your ex. You forget that the relationships that you have had were important.

You have to learn to focus on the relationships that have brought you peace and joy instead of the one relationship that has brought you pain. Focus on the things that you have in your friends and family and be thankful for them. Focus on making new friends and spending time with the ones that you have not had time for.

These people are there to make you feel important and to show you who you are. Surround yourself with good people and those that really love you.

Moving Forward

It can be hard to move on when you miss your ex. Even when you think that you are over them, sometimes the thought of them can come back and make you feel lonely. No matter what you feel or think about your ex, you need to focus more on you. Focus on your life, your hobbies, your family and friends and living your best life. You will have a better future for yourself if you don’t let your ex affect you.