When to Block Your Ex

Block Your Ex

Have you broken up with someone and it took forever to get over the heartbreak just to have them text you a few months later to bring back all of those emotions again?  Are they someone that seems to make your world a mess every time they come back in it because you miss them terrible?  Here are some signs that you need to block your ex:

Drunk Texting

When you think about someone and you get drunk, the first thing that you want to do is to text them and see how they are. If you are always drunk texting your ex, chances are that you need to block their number and delete it form your phone. These emotions are unhealthy for you.

Blocking and deleting their number will stop you from texting them and upsetting yourself when you get sober the next day.

Special Days

Do you have an ex that texts you to wish you a happy birthday or Merry Christmas? When these texts come through, do they make you miss them even more than you did? If you are getting these texts and they bother you, it can be time to block your ex’s number.

Emotional Support

Are you texting your ex whenever you feel emotional or whenever you are having a bad day? You are not with this person anymore and they are not your emotional support. When you find that you are doing this, it can be a time that you need to block their number.

New Partner

You started dating someone new and you are finally over your ex, except they text you and ask how your day was and this brings up all kinds of emotions. Don’t let them ruin your new love life.

You Love Them

Maybe you are someone that has recently broken up and you just aren’t over your ex yet. It takes time to move on from someone and you don’t want to send them text messages and phone messages about how much you love and miss them. This can be hurtful for you and them.

You Want to Forget Them

Forgetting your ex is going to be one of the hardest things that you have ever done, but you can do this. It won’t work well for you though if they call you or if you call them. This can set back your healing time by weeks or months.

You Aren’t Sure if The Breakup Should Have Happened

You and your ex might be struggling to decide if the breakup should have happened or if you should be together. If this goes on and there have been emotional problems that you have had to deal with because of the breakup, the best thing you can probably do is to block their number.

You Can’t Be Friends Yet

If you and your ex just broke up, chances are that you aren’t going to want to be best pals yet. Even though a friendship could happen, this is going to be too soon for you to make that decision. If you feel that you need some space for now, block their number until you are ready.

Your Heart Hurts

You might have been waiting and hoping that your ex would call you back and tell you that they messed up and they want to be with you for the long haul. If this didn’t happen, blocking their number is a way to finalize the breakup so that you can move on.

You Don’t Have to Say Why

You can block their number just because you want to. You don’t have to give anyone a reason for doing this. If this is what you want to do, then you need to just go ahead and do it and bring peace into your life.


  1. This article is a brilliant exploration of the nuanced emotions that come with post-breakup interactions. The clarity with which it outlines the importance of creating boundaries—such as blocking an ex’s number—demonstrates a profound understanding of human psychology. Following these steps can certainly lead to a healthier emotional state and a quicker recovery from heartbreak.

  2. What a remarkably insightful article! The emotional turmoil that follows a breakup can indeed be exacerbated by continued contact with an ex-partner. It’s compelling how the author pinpoints specific behaviors like drunk texting and seeking emotional support from an ex as signals that it’s time to block their number. This is genuinely sound advice for anyone looking to mend a broken heart and move forward.

  3. From a psychological perspective, blocking an ex can indeed accelerate the healing process. By cutting off contact, you reduce the likelihood of emotional triggers that can prolong suffering. This article captures an important aspect of emotional self-care.

  4. This article provides really insightful advice. Moving on from an ex can be incredibly challenging, and the practical tips here are invaluable for maintaining emotional well-being. Highly recommend following these steps!

  5. The concept of blocking an ex seems pragmatic, especially if their presence disrupts emotional stability. It appears to be a beneficial suggestion for someone struggling to move on.

  6. The advice here is straightforward and logical. Managing one’s emotional health by limiting contact with an ex is a sound approach to healing post-breakup.

  7. The scenarios outlined are relatable and provide clear indicators for when blocking an ex might be the healthiest course of action.

  8. Oh sure, because blocking someone is the magical cure for heartbreak. If only I’d known this sooner, I’d just block my whole contact list and be the happiest person alive.

  9. Honestly, this feels a bit too black and white. Blocking someone’s number isn’t always the solution to emotional distress. What about self-reflection and personal growth? These guides always take the easy way out.

    • I agree. The article provides concrete scenarios that illustrate when blocking might be necessary, which can be very helpful for someone going through a tough breakup.

    • Indeed, especially the part about not needing to provide a reason for blocking someone. It reinforces the prioritization of one’s own mental health.

  10. Ah yes, because the best solution to dealing with emotional complexity is… drumroll, please… blocking! Next, let’s block our feelings and achieve nirvana! #ModernWisdom


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