Five Tips to Manifest Your Soulmate

Five Tips to Manifest Your SoulmateFinding a soulmate tops many people’s to-do lists. In a culture that places such significance on love and romantic relationships, it’s difficult to escape the feeling that you should be paired up with your “The One.”

But how can we know if we’ve met our soulmate? They’re not exactly going show up at the front door with a flashing neon sign over their head. Besides, isn’t it just a bit absurd to assume that out of 7.7 billion people in the world, there’s just one single person who’s “The One” for you? If so, then finding them is really going to take a lot of work!

Most people have multiple soulmates in a lifetime. Since soulmates enter our lives for healing and learning, it doesn’t matter if they’re in your life for two weeks, two months, two years or 20 years. You were destined to experience that deep, special, soul-level connection to them for that period of time.

But whether your heart is set on meeting your soulmate for the short term or the long term, these five tips will help manifest them into your life.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Your life’s slogan should be “I choose ME!” This affirmation leads to a genuine connection with yourself which, in turn, will help you find your soulmate. Choosing yourself isn’t selfish. It simply is putting your self-care first, so you’re able to become connected to and aligned with what you love and who you are. It causes your energy to vibrate at its highest possible frequency, so you’ll naturally attract someone who matches you.

  1. Be Picky

Choosing yourself and putting yourself first will empower you. You’ll discover you the strength to heed red flags and to stop settling for less than what’s best for you.

You’ll be able to stop worrying if they’ll reply, even if you thought they looked “perfect” and “this could be it.” On dates, you’ll realize pretty quickly if things are going to work out or not, instead of viewing minimal potential as encouragement to force things to fit. It’s pickiness in a positive way, as you’ll finally be authentic to yourself.

  1. Stop Focusing on “The One”

As much as you want there to be one person who’s perfect for you, this is both unfair and unrealistic. Rejecting others, placing undue pressure on yourself, and remaining inflexible in your viewpoint will get you absolutely nowhere. You need to remove the pressure from the situation, take a deep breath, and shift the focus back onto yourself.

  1. Draw Your Soulmate to You

If you genuinely believe that the Universe listens to us, it’s important to demonstrate trust. The decisions and choices you make will have an impact that echoes through time and space. the energy you generate will certainly manifest significant results. So, have faith. Prophecies are self-fulfilling.

Focus your energy by writing down the feelings and emotions that you want to experience in your ideal relationship. It’s important to do this, because people usually focus on things such as what your soulmate looks like, or has in his or her life. It’s more important to consider what it feels like. Shifting the focus back onto the emotions helps you prioritize the feelings you want to experience with the person, and what values they have.

  1. Consult your Spirit Guides

If you haven’t ever worked with your spirit guides before, it’s worth your time to consider exploring in your efforts to attract your soulmate. Your spirit guides not only want you to find that special someone—they’re your own personal cheering squad! They want nothing less for you than to find your soulmate. Spirit guides can send you messages and signs to help you see who you should date and who you should avoid.

To begin, ask your spirit guides to come forward. Spend about five minutes in a quiet place. Close your eyes and say (out loud or just in your head), “I’m ready to listen to you. Please come forward. I want to receive your guidance and messages.” You should soon begin to perceive their presence in the form of sensations or feelings in and near your body.

To do this successfully, it’s crucial to keep your heart and mind open to the possibilities. There’s generally isn’t anything wrong with skepticism, but in situations like this, your heart and mind must be clear and open to adequately receive and accept whatever your spirit guides may have for you.

But don’t just do this once. Make it a habit to consult with your spirit guides. For example, next time you’re swiping away on a dating app, turn to them and ask for their guidance. When you find somebody who interests you, breathe in that person’s energy and see how it feels inside you.

Ask them to show you “yes” or “no.” If they’re telling you “yes,” your body’s energy will feel tingly and buzzy. If they’re saying “no,” you’ll feel heavy and cold.

Finally, trust the messages you receive. Your Guides want you to rely on your intuition, so you don’t have to go on any more first dates you’d rather forget!

This certainly isn’t the only possible way to attract your soulmate. But no matter which technique you use, the overall theme must be openness. You have no way of knowing when the opportunity to meet your true love will present itself. An open mind and an open heart will help you get there.

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