When You Know the Relationship is Over

Relationship is Over

When you are in a relationship, it can be hard to make the decision to break up with them. This can be one of the hardest decisions that someone has to make. Sometimes when you have lost yourself in the relationship or when you no longer have any self-respect, it can be time to move on without your significant other. Once you are no longer able to deal with the compromises and the life you are living with them, it might be time to break up.

No one goes into a relationship expecting that it isn’t going to last. Most of the time people will go out of their way to try and find someone that they can love and marry and live happily ever after.

People that want to be married at some point know that being in some relationships is not good, especially if they aren’t going anywhere. You need to be in a relationship that will help you to grow not only in yourself but as a couple.

Here are Some Reasons to End the Relationship

Once you know that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, there might be some other signs that you see that the relationship is over. Here are some of the big ones:


When you lose respect for yourself or for the other person, the relationship needs to end. If you have a partner that doesn’t respect you and looks down on you or you feel the same, move on.


Some people will lose interest in the person they are with. It is best to move on from this so that no one has to be held back in finding someone that really loves them. If you are no longer intimate, the interest is probably not there.


If you or your partner no longer want to have sex or to be close anymore, this is a big red flag. This can mean that you are no longer interested in each other or that you are out of love.


Communication is one of the biggest keys to a healthy relationship. If you have a hard time talking to your partner, then there is a problem. If you don’t want to bring things up to your partner because they ignore you or make you feel stupid, this can be a big sign.


When you have conversations with your partner, they should be full of love and compassion. If the conversations are always about negative things or things that each of you dislike, chances are there is no real relationship there.


You should love your partner for who they are, and they should give you the same in return. If you want to change your partner or if your partner wants to change you, chances are that you are not in a good relationship.

You should have similar values and qualities and if you are with someone completely different, this can be a sign that you are in a bad relationship.


A relationship is supposed to be 2-sided. If you are the only one that is putting in effort to make the relationship work, this is a bad thing. One person should never be getting or giving more than the other.

If you are the only one giving and trying, then this will never work. If you are the only one trying to communicate, this is going to come to an end.

Wanting to Date Others

When you get the urge to go on a dating app just to see what’s out there, chances are that you are not happy in your current relationship. It can be time to move on to something else.

Getting Help

If there are problems in your relationship and either of you refuse to get therapy or help, the relationship might need to end.

Final Words

Relationships are hard work. There will be problems and there will be times when things are hard. Getting help form someone that can step in and help you to work out your relationship is not a bad thing, and it can sometimes help to open up the communication better.

Once you decide that the relationship is over though, it means it is time to move on and to start a new life. Don’t stay in a relationship where you are unhappy or where your partner is unhappy. When you feel like it is time to move on, do it.

If you are sitting around wondering if it is time to break up with your partner, chances are there is a problem that you need to look deeper into. Don’t just sit around and wait or make the relationship last longer because you are afraid of being alone or afraid of hurting your partner. Nothing is more painful than being in relationships that are stale and where there is no real love.

People are not the same and relationships are not the same. You have to learn to be honest with yourself and figure out what you and your partner want. Of course, if there is any kind of abuse in the relationship, you should get out immediately and not wait. Even if you are in a relationship where there are addiction problems, chances are that you will not be able to move forward from that. You need to look at what is going on in your own personal relationship and see if things look to be fixable or not.

Figure out if you can work out the problems in your relationship or if you need to take a chance to break up and see where things go. When someone is refusing to compromise and when they are not being accountable for their mistakes, this can be hard to fix. Facing small problems in a relationship is normal but when things seem to be out of control, it might be time to move forward and to see what else the dating world has to offer.