Understanding Soulmate Energy

Soulmate Energy

Soulmate energy is something that is easy to recognize because when you come into contact with your soulmate, the transfer of energy between the two of you will be felt. Soulmate energy is very powerful, to the point it can almost knock you off your feet.

Some claim that when they meet their soulmate, the energy was so powerful that they did not feel they could move. Others say that they are breathless because it feels as if the wind has been knocked out of them. Still others claim that time seems to stand still, and it feels as if all their chakras are immediately opening.

These are just examples of how overwhelming a soul connection can be for those who find one another. You can feel it resonate throughout your body on a deep spiritual level. For some, it served as an intense spiritual awakening. Meeting a soulmate can help you to connect with your own soul as well as that of the soulmate. This can cause you to realize the connection to a higher power.

Recognizing the Soulmate Energy

When you have a first encounter with a soulmate, it can almost feel nostalgic, like you have been in this spot before in some way. It may feel like you have been very close to this person for a long time, even if you have never met. This can be a very intense energy, but if you take things slow, it will end up more of a homecoming feeling.

You will feel as if everything just magically clicked into place. You may know in your core that you were destined or fated to come together with this person. This is a recognition of destiny that has brought you two together. You will recognize the energy between you and your soulmate because it is very similar.

They will feel the same soul recognition on those deep levels. They can also feel that lightning bolt type energy that passes between you two when you first lock eyes. There will be a type of energy transference between you as a soulmate couple. You will find yourselves saying the same thing at the same time very quickly. As a couple you will talk and discover that you share many life experiences and have many other things in common. Both you and they will feel understood in a new way, as if someone finally “gets them”.

Exchanging Energy

Sexually speaking, there is powerful energy between soulmates. Soulmate sex is one of the most powerful experiences of energy exchange people can have. The emotional intimacy levels between soulmates cannot be reached or maintained with any other person. It is not just attraction based, though this is present, but also paired with sharing and connecting on the deepest levels.

When with a soulmate, people will often allow themselves to be vulnerable in ways they have never before experienced. Once soulmates meet, the combination of energies can provide the gift of empathy or even telepathy with the other person. To some degree, they will be able to read one another’s thoughts.

Some are so connected; they can send messages without ever speaking a word or feel the feelings of the other without trying to do so. A soulmate knows how the day of the other has gone before ever seeing them which builds the connection even further.

Soulmate energy is profound. If you are wondering if someone is your soulmate, then they likely are not because there will be no doubts when it is the real thing. Your head and heart will alert you when your soulmate is present. There is never a doubt.