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Why Soulmate Relationships Don’t Last Forever

download (1)It would be great if all soulmate relationships ended in happily ever after, but unfortunately, this can not be the case. Soulmate relationships do not mean you have the perfect relationship, with telepathic communication, great sex nor that you will ultimately be together at the end of the day. Of course, soulmate relationships do include a great, cosmic connection to another soul where things just fall together and flow together, for a time.

There are many reasons why soulmate relationships end. It often has to do with one person’s journey, lessons, challenges or choices. And soulmate relationships are challenging in and of themselves. The people involved can create issues and blocks based on their past relationship experiences, making it too difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

Healthy Relationships

In order to have a healthy relationship you must have compatibility, chemistry, communication, character, continuity and feel fulfilled within your own self. Just having a block in one of these areas can create distance and change within any relationship—even a soulmate relationship. Soulmate relationships can recover from these blocks, but some are destined to split, while others are destined to split and then rejoin. If you still feel a connection and the energy between you two, it’s possible that in spite of all the drama a soulmate bond still exists.

Moving On

images (7)So let’s say your soulmate couldn’t get their act together and now you have separated from them. How do you move on once your soulmate relationship has ended? It starts with focus. Focus on yourself, your thoughts, your energy and your choices. You shouldn’t let someone’s inability to face their issues stop your from achieving your soul’s agenda. It’s not easy and it’s painful to go through, and you’ll hold on to the hope that your soulmate will snap out of it. But don’t get too comfortable resisting what you know you have to do—move on. Remember, the ultimate goal of your life is to achieve your soul’s purpose, and no one should get in your way—not even your soulmate. The choices you have to make won’t always be easily understood, but you will gain clarity as your life continues to unfold.

Some Hope

And here’s a hopeful note: Sometimes when you release the energy of an existing relationship it makes your soulmate aware of the distance you’re putting between the two of you. If they feel you moving away, they may panic. And if they’re worried enough, they may start to see themselves with more clarity than ever before. It might inspire them to work on their issues and get on the right path back towards you. But be certain that I am not telling you to let them go, just as a means of getting them back. I’m saying let them go because they’re interfering with your soul’s purpose and if they come back, it’s because the distance you put between the two of you inspired them to become self-aware and change. It doesn’t always happen this way, but it can.

You Can Have Soulmates

shutterstock_250342777Did you know you can have more than one soulmate? People often get caught up with “the love of my life,” but often there is more than one love. Your life isn’t over yet, so how do you know they’re “the love of your life”? You don’t! So have the courage to move on and find your next great love, if your circumstances call for it. Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Heed this advice!

Soulmate relationships are complicated, but they’re also fulfilling. They’re not always easy and they’re not always forever, and that’s okay. If you’re having some soulmate drama, I’d like to help you work through it.

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