Paying Back Karma from Cheating

Paying a Karmic Debt

Even though there are reasons that people think that spouses or partners cheat and they have scientific reasons behind it, is it possible that this can be more a spiritual thing than a scientific thing?

Most people do not go into a relationship thinking that they will be betrayed or that they will betray their partner.  But the truth is, more than 10% of both men and women have cheated on their partner and we cannot accept that our moral guide is not present when these romantic or sexual desires come.

Some scientists believe that there is a gene in our brain that controls how faithful we are to our partners and others believe that our brains are always seeking sex and it makes us have a passion for other people, leaving our partner with a cheater.

According to the psychic, Deborah Graham, she believes that there is more going on than a brain idea that causes people to cheat.  She believes that there are reasons that are spiritual as to why people cheat on their partners.

Graham believes that people are unfaithful because they need to fill their energies.  She claims that more than half of the clients that she talks to cheat, and they tell her that they are not happy with the person that they are with.  Even if the person completes their life, they feel that their identity is not working with their partner, and they do not feel a strong purpose to connect with their partner.


One reason that a person can be unsettled in a relationship is because the energies cause them to want something more.  This can cause them to want to connect with other people and this might have to do with karma.

If you have a karmic debt that has not been paid, this can be something that has happened in the past, it can cause you to be in contract with another person in this life and this can make you hurt the person that you are with presently.

Cheating can be caused by karmic debt that is owed to the partner in another relationship or there is a chance that the person that is being cheated on in this lifetime has done the cheating to someone in another lifetime and it is your role to pay back the karmic debt.

People are all part of the magnetic field and are connected by energies.  If the energy does not match it can cause your situation to be dampened and can cause your chakras to tell you that something is needed rather it is good or bad.

This electric charge can cause you to cheat, and there can be many reasons for this.  If the person that is being cheated on in the present life was cheated in the past, chances are that the cheating does not come just for a thrill but because there is no way around it.

If someone is cheating because they made a wrong commitment, it could be a pressure that they feel later down the road that is a connection with someone else from a past life or a flame that has come back.  The soul connection from a past life can offer a connection and a peace that the person might not feel with their present partner and can cause them to pull and make it hard for you to control.  Even if you have a happy marriage, this pull could attract you.

People wonder if they can love two people and the truth is you can.  You can love a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, and you can connect with multiple people at one time. Sometimes cheating happens because it makes you reflect on your relationship.  If someone needs to be awakened, they have to explore and see if sex is the right direction to go.

Is Cheating Necessary?

Cheating is not necessary, and you should make a real commitment to yourself not to cheat.  Even if you have another connection, you need to not cheat.

The truth is though that some people cheat because they are not getting what they want out of their present relationship, and they feel that their life journey is different than it is going.  The best thing is to enjoy yourself before you decide to settle down and even if you care about someone, do not settle down if you don’t think that you can be faithful.  If you are going to cheat, do it before you put a ring on your partners finger.

Magnetic Pull

If you have a magnetic pull, it can be a spiritual pull but if you listen to your gut feeling, you will not cheat because this is not supported by your intuition or your soul purpose.  This is a magnetic pull that can bring you pleasure but if you want spiritual pleasure you need to meditate and talk to your spirit guides instead of cheating.

How Can You Meet Spiritual Needs?

You can meet your spiritual needs without cheating by finding out what your purpose is and why you are in your present relationship.  You have to tune into your own psychic gift to know what is going on and what you were born to do.  Allow your third chakra to give you a good life and do not feel guilty when you don’t get what you need sometimes.  If you have a soulmate that reconnects with you, they will be there for a reason, accept it but do this without cheating.

Pay attention to yourself and what people want from you.  You don’t get the chance to fix the karma that you make and if you cheat in this lifetime, it will come back to you in your next lifetime.  Be careful with what you do and make sure that you make good choices.