Advice for the Newly Married

How problems begin

Let your partner know if something is worrying you.  Don’t let the problems build up. Even if you think they will be offended that you don’t like the fact that he leaves he socks on the bookshelf in front of your college diploma.  Tell him right away and as calmly as possible. It is much better to face this calmly now rather than scream about it ten years down the road.

Let the small  problems go.

People who live together get on each other’s nerves.  This is a fact.  Don’t let the insignificant day to day issues enrage you. Choose your battles and let the little things go.

Talk about finances and family issues early.

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If possible, discuss your financial and family details before you get married.  Having the details of bills and budget ironed out before you settle in will help avoid big misunderstanding later.  Also discussing the details of how your families will fit in to your lifestyle will save you a lot of headaches later.

Don’t air your dirty laundry.

If you are having problems with your partner, address it privately.  Don’t put them down in front of others. It as a truly bad idea to give anyone a negative view of your spouse while you are fighting.  This will only backfire on you.

Fight Fair


If the two of you are having a disagreement, avoid dragging in old business or past problems. Don’t belittle each other and don’t run away from the fight.  Take a breath and time to think before you speak.   Don’t forget to apologize when the problem is settled.

Don’t Take Them for Granted

Appreciate your partner.  Always remember to be grateful for everything they do for you.  Everyone loves a compliment. You can keep the romance in your life alive by treating each day as if it were your first date.  This constant care of your relationship will help your love survive anything.

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