Love Yourself like You Love Your Soulmate

Love Yourself like You Love Your Soulmate

It is impossible to attain perfection in love.  Unfortunately, society has engrained in us fairy tale thinking and expectations.  Love goes beyond an external concept to a dynamic state of spirit.  In this bond you have a connection to everyone and everything through the power of the universe.  Love isn’t something you force, but instead happens organically when you open your heart.

Upon meeting a “special someone,” a relationship is formed that facilitates the spirit to become more receptive to the concept we call “love.”  When someone mentions they are “in love,” it means they have attained the level of being where they are connected to the richness of life without ceding their personal power.  They are joyful and grateful for this state of mind, but not depended on it.  As one opens their heart wider, they are able to receive “love” more readily.

As this realization occurs within a person’s mind, the heart becomes released from the prison of ego.  Not only do they feel intense affection for their partner, but they see the world brighter, richer, and more inspiring.  If you have met a soulmate or your twin flame, you will enjoy higher planes of peace, joy, and understand than you might have ever known.  The key difference is you have no longer sought it out and can celebrate how it found you.  This experience is unique because it helps you become free from attachment or expectations.

With this in mind, you accept that should this relationship happen to end, neither of you will force any situation.  You see any potential end as a means to open the door to a better opportunity.  The pain you may experience will be fleeting, but it could also be freeing, teaching you valuable lessons.  You will be able to reflect on the memories and see the beauty in the experiences you shared.  When this happens, it will allow your heart to open even wider, which will help you heal and grow.  This new space will also allow for more love to enter your life.

Meeting a soulmate allows you meet yourself.  By releasing yourself from the cycle of “wanting,” you are able to attract untold blessings.

5 Ways to Keep an Open Heart

  1. Place a palm on your chest. There is truth to the saying “where attention goes, energy flows.”  Palms of our hands are key energies conductors for our bodies.  By placing them atop our hearts, we naturally bring our attention to this chakra point.  Then the processing of healing, opening, and becoming more receptive to love begins.  Spend the first few minutes after waking up to rest a hand upon your chest.  Relax and enjoy the sensation.
  2. Hug loved ones. The exchange of energy (chi or prana) between two close people begins to rise as they near each other.  This amplifies greatly when they come into physical contact.  Every single chakra immediately transmits high vibrations that serve to heal and rebalance each other.  The main beneficiary is the heart chakra.
  3. Enjoy nature. Take a walk in the forest, garden, or even hug a tree.  Energy produced by plants and even the planet itself contains light and healing energy.  Consider walking barefoot or laying on the grass.  Notice how energy comes into your body through your feet, up your spine, into your heart and finally into your head, allowing you feel fully balanced and alive.
  4. Spend time with animals. Animals are a wonderful source of love, light, and joy.  There is no kind of love like the unconditional you get from a pet.  They have the uncanny ability to know when a person needs more love and affection.  As we are able to gratefully receive this love, we become more able to love others.
  5. Create a daily practice that works for you.  Sit quietly and notice the flow of the energy within you.  Let your mind adjust and enable you to connect with your inner wisdom and highest self.