Love Tips for Psychics and Healers

Love Tips for Psychics and Healers

One thing about psychics and healers is that they are sensitive, and they have the ability to feel deeper than other people do.  Love can be like two universes colliding and you are not the only one to feel this, but you also feel the lives of others.

Part of being a healer or psychic is that you have the ability to fall into the feelings and emotions that people have.  When you fall in love, you can merge and feel the inner being of who you love.  The bad part is that this is a hypersensitive feeling that can cause you to overreact on things.

When you sense what your partner is going to do then you can feel more understood and feel like you aren’t being invaded.  Sensitive people are easy to please but have a hard time with rejection.


Make sure that you don’t take everything personal.  Everyone has emotions and we have times where our partners are withdrawn.  When this happens, it is not necessarily rejection.  Emotions can get started and if we have a negative feeling it can put on a strain on you and cause you pain.  It is important that you can control your feelings.


Make sure that you have boundaries that are healthy.  These are a good thing to have so that you don’t have to deal with pain.  If you aren’t in a healthy relationship, you are in danger of being a rescuer.  You have needs and feelings just like your partner does and this can give you a deeper love connection.

Being a giver can make you be resentful and can cause you to balance improperly.  This can give you a reason to escape from your own problems that result from a bad self-esteem.


Being with someone all the time can be tiring.  If you are feeling emotional then you might need to leave for a while and get things done for yourself.  You need to make sure that you are comfortable with your partner and that you respect each other’s feelings.

Be honest with each other and share your inner thoughts.  People are hard to understand sometimes but we are all in the same world.

Good News

Psychics are good lovers, and you have the sense to make a connection that stands out with your partner.

Let in Love

Making love is a good thing to do and make sure that you meet your partners sexual fantasies and desires.  Be non-judgmental on what your partner wants and be comfortable with your lover. Share what you want in bed as well and let them meet your sexual fantasies and desires as you meet theirs.

Soul Mates

If you know the relationship is good, chances are you are with your soul mate.  Listen to your inner voice and see if you have bonded and feel safe with your partner.  If you do, then you are in a relationship that is deeper than just friendship and it can be a good thing.