Finding Love This Year and Beyond

Finding Love This Year and Beyond

Have you ever said to yourself, “This year I want to do things differently.  I want things to change.  I want clarity and love?” If this sounds like you, do you know how to go about finding what you want?

Clarity is valuable

Although the world has created a familiarity with the greater universe and it’s powers, this familiarity has led to a gross misrepresentation of the Law of Attraction.  One of the most basic steps of manifesting what you want is clarity.   Clarity in this case means knowing exactly what you want.

If you don’t have clarity, you may not be able to focus on what you truly want and need. If you focus on the wrong thing, you will receive the wrong thing. Make sure that you have clarity in all things in your life, but especially in love.

Creating clarity

A good way to gain clarity is to write a letter to your spirit guide.  It is entirely up to you who you choose. Make sure the letter is sincerely written. Write as if you are already in the relationship.  Be as descriptive as possible as you experience the romance with every one of your senses.

Next describe your feelings.  Are you happy? Do you feel free? Do you feel joy?  Create a thorough picture. No one will ever see this but you, so don’t hold back.

Once you have written your letter, read it out loud to yourself every night before you go to sleep and then visualize the person you want to be with in the morning. Don’t get too caught up in physical details of your romantic partner. Instead focus on how the person makes you feel.

It is important that you write down the things that you love and value and what you really want when you are looking for love. Beyond the physical, find the personality traits and the things that you want but don’t forget the things that you don’t want in your life. For example, if you don’t want to be with someone that smokes, make sure that you put that in your letter so that the universe is clear in what you want and need.

The next step

Ask yourself what is holding you back from getting what you want. To streamline this process, focus on what you believe is holding you back.  This will involve some self-examination and/or meditation to get to the root of what you really want and need. Once you have identified your blocks and asked the universe you can attract what you desire.  You may want to consult an advisor or life coach to help you get to what you truly want and need.

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