Decode what Your Dreams Mean


While some dreams are mysterious, understanding the meaning of our dreams is more than a mystery–it can be downright baffling. What we’re dreaming about can suddenly change. Our dreams can include outrageous elements. Our dreams can be very scary and terrify us with frightening images. The fact that dreams can be so rich and compelling is what causes many to believe that there must be some deeper meaning to our dreams.

Whether you get to know your dreams more intimately through understanding the messages that come from the subconscious to the conscious mind or not, dreams are an important part of your being, and can contribute greatly to your health and to your happiness.

Dreams are a valuable source of information that’s available to anyone who desires to decode their symbolism. Dreams are a place where you can learn about yourself. Some say that dreaming is more honest than our waking consciousness and that in our dreams we reveal our true feelings—especially about the most important issues in our lives.

Finding the meaning of your dreams is a very personal exercise. Once you can understand how your own associations work, you will have the ability to interpret your dreams. Many people believe that a single dream can have multiple levels of meaning woven into it.

Keep a Dream Journal

If you are interested in figuring out the meaning of your dreams, create your own dream journal and dream dictionary. Keep a journal next to your bed with a pen and write down everything you remember about a dream as soon as you awaken from it.

Be sure to leave plenty of space so you can later add impressions and interpretations of what the dream may have meant. With the added impressions and interpretations, this journal becomes your own personal dream dictionary.

But when it comes to decoding dreams, professionally written dream dictionaries can help, too. So can dream interpreters, who have both psychological and metaphysical knowledge of dreams and their meanings.

But in the end, you are the only one who will be able to decide what you think your dreams really mean. Each person has their own symbols and connections that their own mind thinks about and uses to communicate via dreams. So only you can know for sure what your dreams mean.

Humor and Happiness

Enjoy dreaming! Your dreams can be a place of entertainment where you can enjoy yourself. It’s been said that the healthiest people are those who are happy. Use your dreams as a means to achieve that happiness. Dreaming can put you into a positive mood that can last all day. That positive mood can affect your psychological structure and lead you into all kinds of positive experiences.

Use your dream journal in a way to have fun with what you’ve written, and even laugh at what you’ve written! Let the dreams and your accounts of them amuse you. The dream world is limitless. You may even be able to learn how to lucid dream, which means that you’re aware you’re dreaming and can be in control of your dreams.

Pay close attention to your dreams. You may gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of your feelings. Look at it this way: dreams can act as keys to the doorways you have within yourself. Open those doors!