Boost The Fire Of Romance

Boost The Fire Of Romance

Do you need more zip in the bedroom? No? Well… sometimes it’s easier to fall into a sexual rut. A busy life can take its toll in the bedroom… things like work, family, and just everyday life. You feel you don’t have the time, or energy, for a healthy sex life.

Here are some great tips that can help you to keep the love alive in the bedroom and help your romance to be on fire!

  • You are what you eat! Many foods are aphrodisiacs — used for centuries to arouse sexuality. Add these unique ingredients to your diet and soon your relationship will be heating up! Need more excitement in the bedroom? Start with a spicy meal! Several foods will make you hot and horny — ready for a night of romance.
  • Try chili powder. The active ingredient in chilies—called capsaicin—releases endorphins, raises heart rate and stimulates nerve endings; all are perfect to set the right mood.
  • Spicy foods not your thing? No problem—almonds are another food that provides a little zing to your love life. The Vitamin E content in almonds is famous for boosting the libido. The same holds true for the juice of goji berries, an ancient Asian sex tonic.
  • No discussion of luscious foods would be complete without oysters. Studies have shown that oysters as an aphrodisiac is more than a myth—the high zinc content boosts progesterone levels in men, positively affecting the libido.

You got the look!

Setting the mood for love is more than just candles and spicy foods. To play the part, you have to look the part. Sexy clothes—like lingerie, stockings, and high heels—can put both you and your partner in the right frame of mind. Start your romantic evening with a trip to the adults-only store. Make it part of your date!

Love is in the air

And the stars! Ever since man has looked upward to the night sky, the cosmos have been part of our romantic—and sexual—history. Why do you think that is? It’s easy! The moon and stars have always had a significant impact on our passions, even more than earthly hearts and minds.

PsychicOz believes “the only way to know true love is to look to the heavens. It’s all there!” Sign up for a Free Horoscope and find out daily what your sign says about your love and sex life.

Replace love spells with psychic love readings

For a healthy love life, don’t overlook the power of the psychic universe! If you have lost some of your enthusiasm, meet with your trusted spiritual advisor. As an expert—and a friend—they can show you how to use the flow of psychic energy in your sex life.

If something in the universe is holding you back, your psychic can assist you. They will help you break free so  that you and your partner can go back to an exciting sexuality!