Are They Missing You?

Are They Missing You

Have you ever missed someone so bad that it hurts? How can you figure out if someone is missing you? There are spiritual signs that you can watch out for to find out if someone misses you.

Signs They Miss You

Here are some signs that someone misses you:

  • Dreams

A person that misses you can show up in your dreams. This can happen and you can know its true because you have the same dream over and over again. When these dreams come, pay attention to the symbols and themes that come with the dream.

Having dreams that your teeth are falling out can mean that you have changes coming to your life. Scientists don’t know why dreams are the same in different cultures, but they have been a source of guidance for people all over the world.

Dreams can help you to connect with people and if you dream about someone often then they might be missing you.

  • Getting Moody

If you get moody out of nowhere it can mean that someone is thinking of you. It can also mean that they are on your mind, and you are on theirs. They might be missing you if you get in a bad mood or a sad mood out of nowhere.

Being moody can happen with different things but when you feel your emotions changing and you feel different and you see that others don’t want to be around you at this time, someone might be missing you.

  • Talking to a Psychic

Another way that you can figure out if someone is missing you is if you talk to a psychic. Psychics can give you information about what other people are feeling and thinking and they can pick up on your energies.

  • White Feather

Finding a white feather can mean that someone is missing you. This is a sign from the universe that you are being thought of. A white feather can show up out of nowhere. Pay attention if you find one and where you were when you found it.

  • Goosebumps

When you get goosebumps out of nowhere and it isn’t cold, this can be a sign that someone is missing you. You are probably on someone’s mind, and this can change how your body feels and what happens with your body.

The sensations that you feel on your skin can be a sign from the universe that someone misses you and wants you back.

  • Saying Their Name

When you accidently say someone’s name, chances are they miss you. This can be strange when you don’t say the person’s name every day. You might find that you are saying their name accidently and that you are being missed.

Saying their name more than once is a big sign that you are being missed by them and you need to take a deeper look at why this is happening.

  • Synchronicities

These are encounters that are strange but still happen to you. Do you have these kinds of encounters? If so, someone might be thinking about you. They could be miles away and this can still be happening in your life.

The universe will help you to know if someone is missing you. There are mysterious that happen all the time and can help you to know things about your life and the life of others.

  • Small Messages

You might get messages in our life that seem small, but these messages can be powerful and important. It might be a phrase that comes across on the radio, or it might even be a fortune cookie that you get at the local restaurant.

The fortune cookie might have a random message that is specific and gives you the advice that you need in your every day life. Reading your fortune cookies can help to clear the questions that you have.

Some people will see messages printed on a shirt, a box or even a drink that inspires you to live better or is a sign or an answer that you are seeking.

  • Repetitive Numbers

Numbers that keep repeating themselves over and over again can give you insight into what is happening around you. These numbers can let you know that someone is missing you. If you see triple numbers, then you can see that this is a sign from the universe.

Pay attention to patterns that keep repeating and take time to figure out what the numbers that keep appearing to you mean.

  • Speaking to a Stranger

Since the universe is full of energies, it means that everyone is connected in one way or another. This can mean that when you are in a relationship with someone, you can tell that they are missing you or you are missing them.

But, when you aren’t with that person and they are missing you, the energies are still there and are still connected to you. This means when someone is missing you and they want to connect back with you, the universe can let a stranger come to you and can push you to call that person you miss.

Notice all the signs that come to you and these signs can tell you when someone is missing you.

  • Thinking of Them

When someone pops into your mind out of nowhere, it can mean that they are thinking about you. You might remember something good that you and they were doing in the past or you might have a thought about them that is a close memory to you.

The person might come to your mind, and you might see their face, or you might see something around you that makes you think of them.

Just like having a mood swing, these thoughts can come to you instead of you actually thinking them yourself. This means that the person that is missing you is thinking of you at the time or maybe they have even dreamed of you and cannot get you out of their head.

The more they think of you, the more that you will think of them. It is like they send the thoughts to your mind. But the thing is, even if you are thinking of them and they are thinking of you, are they worth getting back together with? What caused the relationship to end in the first place? What had gone wrong?

Sometimes we chase after an idea instead of really wanting the person because we have been so hurt by them. When we have codependency with someone, we end up feeling upset and bitter and this becomes a toxic relationship.

Now What?

It is important to figure out if someone is missing you and then what action you want to take. Watch out for signs if someone wants to get back together with you. It is important to make sure that the thoughts that you have match up with the action and that things are going to be good.

If you miss someone and they come to your mind, see if these are the reasons:

  • You regret that the relationship ended.
  • You feel that something in your life is missing.
  • You aren’t being honest about what you are feeling.
  • You are having a hard time connecting with other people around you.
  • You push people out of your life and then you feel sad about it.

Look at the signs and see if you are missing someone. You might want to get closer to them or to reconnect with them. You need to pay attention to the signs, and you need to figure out what you want and need in your life.

People don’t always remember what you say but they will remember how they feel when they are around you. Make sure that you are treating each other kindly and that you are being kind and loving to yourself.

Take notice of the signs around you and figure out if someone is missing you and why. Pay attention to your own growth and make sure that you are reflecting on your life.

Finding Out

Do you want to know if someone is missing your spiritually You can wait for them to make a move to know you better or you can increase your spiritual self and make your aura stronger.

Become the best person that you can be, and people will always desire your company. Treat yourself kindly and interact with the world around you. When you love yourself and you are respectful about the things in your life, you will see that you put out an energy that attracts people to you.

As you feel loved, and more people understand you then they will want to be around you because you will be drawing them in. Here are some ways in which you can increase your vibrations and draw people into you:


The best thing that you can do is to listen to what people are saying to you. Make sure that you are listening more than talking. No matter what they are talking about try and be interested and to be present with them.

Don’t interrupt people when they are talking and take time to reflect on what they are saying so you can ask questions and be part of the conversation.

Be Excited and Thankful

When someone doesn’t show thankfulness for you then it can be hurtful. It can make you feel that you aren’t good enough. Showing thankfulness is showing love and this is important.

You don’t have to be dramatic with expressing your thankfulness, just be natural and be loving. Let people know that what they do is amazing, and you are grateful for it.

See the Good in People

Take time to see the good in people. You can notice how kind and wonderful they are and notice the things that you like about them.

Keep inspiring yourself by doing your best to see people in the good. The more that you see good in people, the more that you will grow. As you notice the good in people you will become more positive, and this will come back to you.

As you build yourself up and you gain knowledge about who you are you will be able to express yourself more and encourage others to be their best. People will value you for who you are and for what you do.