Getting Close to Your Ancestors

Your Ancestors

One great thing about witchcraft is that you get to work with people that you never imagined such as your ancestors. Working with them helps you to feel that you are part of something and since they have taught you so many things, you can use their magic based on …

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Karmic Lessons with Your Twin Flame

Karmic Lessons From twin Flames

Most twin flames have shared numerous past lives and, in these past, lives many karmic lessons have been created. These karmic lessons compile if they are left unresolved and leave you suffering immensely. This means it is important to understand a few things as part of a twin flame relationship. …

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Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

When you are looking for a relationship, you are probably looking for a soulmate that will complete your life and make you happy. You want a soulmate that will bring peace and love into your life. The twin flame energy is one that you will feel that will be very …

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An Empath is More Than Feeling Emotions


Some empaths are able to perceive and absorb other people’s emotions. Empaths often feel emotionally exhausted because empathy’s core element is feeling. However, there’s a lot more to being an empath than simply absorbing and reflecting other people’s emotional highs and lows. That’s due, at least in part, to the …

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Introduction to Chakra and Aura Energy


Today, we are going to explore aura cleansing as well as define what an aura is and why it may need cleansing, then how to do it. Many people are pretty familiar with the classic chakra system. The chakra is found with seven distinct points on the body. There is …

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How to Break Soul Ties?

How to Break Soul Ties

Soul ties can happen with family, friends or even partners. They can be very powerful, and they can really hold you back. So, what happens when you break up with someone or you move on, and you are still connected to them? The connections that you have will leave you …

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Avoid Being a Victim of an Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires

We all encounter energy vampires every day.  These people lack emotional control and empathy, and often can be quite narcissistic.  They drain your energy regardless of their awareness of the toxic situation.  Interactions with an energy vampire leaves you feeling exhausted, sad, anxious, annoyed, and overwhelmed.  They can occur in …

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What is the Purpose of Your Spiritual Relationships?

Spiritual Relationships

The spiritual journey that you have will help you to be inspired and help you to live your best life. Some people go back and forth with themselves, and they have a hard time meeting people that make their life whole or better. The spiritual purposes of your relationships can …

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How Karmic Debt Affects Your Life

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt in Your Life

Getting rid of karmic debt can free your soul and help you to get rid of challenges and chains that hold you back. If you owe karmic debt to someone, you are part of the Law of Karma that says that you have to face consequences for all of your …

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Using Love and Light to Heal

Using Love to Heal

Do you need a healing? Did you know that you can activate the light of your heart and bring love and healing to your being? When you activate your heart, it helps you to find love, healing and can help you to manifest things to your life. When you struggle …

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