Consider This Before Dating Younger

Dating Younger

Dating a younger man depends on what you are wanting out of the relationship. Even though age is just a number, you need to know what kind of desires that you have, and you need to make sure that you are setting realistic goals and ideas in your relationship when dating someone younger than you.

Here are some things you need to consider:

Goals and Priorities

It is important to remember that someone younger than you will likely have different goals and priorities than you have. A young man might want to go to school and then go into a career. An older guy, on the other hand, will already have a steady job and will be closer to retiring age.

If you want to travel with your younger partner, make sure that they know that you are in a different stage of life than they are and that they are prepared to give you what you want.

Less Past

One good thing is that a younger man is going to have less of a pass than someone that is older. This means that they probably haven’t been divorced or may not even have kids. They have a less relationship history and so they probably haven’t had so many relationships that someone older has had.

Different Experiences

Women have different experiences when they are older and if you date a younger man, he won’t have done as much as you have done. Older men will sometimes date younger women and this seems fine but when a woman does it, she is called a cougar.

Loving Life

Younger men seem to love life and to want more adventure than older men. This means that they will want to do different activities and they will want to take you places you may have never been.

They might want to take you canoeing, out for coffee dates, concerts, rock climbing and other things. If you love adventure, dating someone younger might be perfect for you.

Frowned Upon

Sometimes people in your life will frown upon you dating someone younger than yourself. They will not be as supportive about this, and they might look negatively on the idea. They might feel that you are robbing the cradle and they might judge you for this.

Committing to the Relationship

Younger men often don’t want to be in a serious relationship. They want to have fun and to play. They sometimes even want to have open relationships where they can have many different partners.

Older women often want to have a commitment and so make sure that you are dating someone that has the same commitment ideas that you have.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be with a younger man, make sure that you tell them what you want in the relationship. If you want something fun, that is great but if you want a commitment, make sure that they know this right away.