When Someone is Thinking of You

When Someone is Thinking of You

There are many people that believe in the universe and in signs from the universe. Spiritual things happen to people and even though these things can’t be explained by science, many people believe that these things happen for a reason. They sometimes even think that the universe is trying to get their attention.

Do you ever miss someone? When this happens, it stirs energy around you and that person. Sometimes a person can tell that someone is missing them because the energies are so strong. When you miss someone, it creates a boundary and a strong energy that is so intense that the person that is being missed can get a sign that they are being missed.

Everyone has a part in the universe and there is an influence that you are creating around you even if you don’t realize it. When you think deeply about someone and they are always on your mind, the universe knows this and it will show that person, somehow.

Signs that Someone is Thinking of You

Here are some signs that the universe will give you to show you that someone is thinking about you:

Eye Twitches

Sometimes your eye twitches and you can’t control this. In different cultures this means different things. The most common belief though is that when your left eye twitches, someone is thinking kindly of you but if your right eye twitches it can mean that someone is talking badly about you.

Some believe that when your eyes twitch, it is a sign from the universe that someone is thinking about you and missing you. If you are always having an eye twitch though, make sure that you are seeing an eye doctor and getting medical attention. When you have one once in a while, it can mean something different than if it is happening all the time.


Dreaming of someone is a big sign that you are missing that person. When we sleep, our mind is open to things that we don’t open up to when we are awake. As you sleep, this is a time when you are able to get a visit from the universe to give you a sign. Dreaming of a person that you miss or dreaming of a spirit can be a sign.

Dreams aren’t easy to interpret sometimes though, just because you have a bad dream, it doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen to you. Dreams are open for interpretation.

Feeling a Touch

Another sign that you might be missing someone, or someone might be missing you is if you feel that something or someone touched you when no one is there. This is a way that the energy of that person can manifest by you and can make you feel them.

Do you ever feel that someone stroked your arm or moved your hair? This is an interaction that someone in the universe is thinking of you and missing you.

Feeling Cold

Feeling cold out of nowhere or getting a shiver can be a sign that someone is thinking of you. This can happen when the energy shifts in your area and your body picks up the signs. If you are just hanging around work or at home and you feel something like this, chances are someone is thinking about you.

Changing Moods

A sudden shift in your mood probably has a real meaning. You might feel sad out of nowhere or feel excited. This can happen because someone is thinking of you, and someone loves you. If you feel sad, it could be because you miss someone, and they are thinking of you.

People are sometimes empaths, and this means that they are able to pick up the emotions of people around them without having any other information. This can be hard when someone is going through something difficult because you pick up those hard emotions.

Thinking of Them

Thinking of someone or having someone come to your mind for no reason can mean that they are thinking about you. Sometimes someone can shift their energies to you so that you can feel what they are thinking, and you will think of them too.

This can happen out of nowhere and if you have someone that pops into your mind, chances are that they are thinking of you, too.

Burning Cheeks

When your cheeks start burning, it can mean you are feeling shy or nervous. This can happen though when someone is thinking of you. If you find that your cheeks start burning for no reason, this can be a sign that your crush or someone that you love is thinking about you and sending you, their energy.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to really know that someone is thinking of you unless you ask them, but the universe sometimes will send you signs to show you that this is happening. Figure out where you are receiving this energy and find out if the universe is giving you a sign.

You can use different crystals to manifest this sensation and to pick up on the energies of others easier. If you start thinking of someone out of nowhere and a picture of them comes to your mind, this can be that they are sending you energy and trying to let you know that they love you.

Don’t get upset if you get an image that isn’t clear in your mind and just embrace it and know that someone out there cares enough about you to think of you. If you find that you are waking up thinking about someone, this is a strong sign from the universe that someone cares and thinks a lot about you.