Signs Your Deceased Loved One Is Visiting

Deceased Loved One

People long to hear from their deceased loved ones because they miss them and often, they don’t have the closure that is needed. You may realize that your loved one is closer than you realize. Sometimes, they come to visit you and you don’t want to miss these signs:


One of the most regular visits from a loved one is in your dreams. They can come to you and give you messages, comfort and help you to live your best life. Pay attention to your dreams and who you see and how they make you feel.

Feeling Them

Some people are able to feel their loved ones spirits around them. This can be a feeling that is intense because the energy around you changes. You might find that you get chill bumps or other sensations. This could come out of nowhere and this is a big sign that the spirits are visiting you.


You might feel your deceased loved one touching you. This can be them touching your arm, your neck or even putting their hand on your shoulder. Some people can feel their deceased loved ones hugging them or touching their hair.


Another way that your loved one can show you that they are with you is if you smell them. This can happen in a way that you know that it is someone that was close to you. You might smell their perfume, a cigarette or even a cigar smell.


There are some people that are actually able to hear the voice of their deceased loved one. This can be a sound that comes into your mind, or you might even hear this sound in your ears. They might come to you to tell you goodbye or to tell you a message that brings you peace.

Electrical Happenings

When a spirit comes into the room, it can cause electrical activities. If your television or lights keep going on and off or if you hear a radio come on, the spirit is probably trying to get you to notice them.

Phone Calls

Sometimes a spirit can manipulate a phone in order to give you a message. This can be a call that is just static on the other end, or you might get a call from someone that sounds just like your relative that passed away.

Signs and Symbols

One of the biggest ways that spirits will try to reach you is through signs and symbols. You might find things laying around such as coins, feathers, rocks, shells, or strange things that you didn’t have. You might also find animals coming around that you have never seen before, or you may see things such as signs on a billboard or repeating numbers.

All of these signs are there for you to notice that the spirit is trying to reach you and to get you to pay attention to their existence.

Moving Objects

Some spirits are able to make objects move around to get your attention. This can be something in your home that is moving, or you might find things put in places that you never put before.

Spirit Shapes

Even though this rarely happens, some people have reported actually seeing the spirit of their deceased loved ones. This can come in the form of a shape, or some people will see something out of the corner of their eyes.