Feelings of a Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame Journey

When you find our twin flame, you will have a lot of information that you are trying to work through at one time.  The goal of the twin flame is so that you can find unconditional love.

The problem with a twin flame is that we have a lot of wounding, and this can be because our souls are incarnations, and we have to have a wounded heart in order for the souls to bond.


The love of a twin flame is something that we want to be unconditional.  When you wait for your twin flame, you excuse them no matter how they behave.  You learn to understand them even if it crosses what you believe.

You will often feel that your heart is broken and that they take advantage of you.  This will happen over and over again. This is not love and this is a behavior that comes from having a wounded heart.  This is also part of the karmic cycle that is a pattern of situations that you have experienced in your soul throughout your lifetime.

There are times that your twin flame will be stuck in the same pattern and will keep trying to find unconditional love.  Sometimes it doesn’t work because of karma.  There can be deep pain and wounds, and these can make it hard to move forward.

Karmic Cycle

The twin flame journey is about getting healed and bettering your life.  It is about you figuring out how to be honest with yourself and finding reasons to accept love.  You have to learn to have self-love even if you have had traumatic experiences.

You will see a pattern in your life and your twin flame can help break this cycle.  They hold a mirror to your soul and can help you to see what your true meaning in life is and what you need to let go of.

Unconditional Love

When do you fall in love with your twin flame?  First, you have to learn to love yourself deeply.  You have to love yourself so that your twin flame can learn to love you. When you learn to love yourself, you will learn to be respectful of who you are, and you will love the changes that you have went through.

When you are a twin flame, you might need to meditate and to learn about how to channel your feelings about your twin flame so that you can get messages to them.  This is important so that you can learn to soul connect with them and to make the twin flame relationship stronger.


Remember, when you are looking to journey to your twin flame, all of the things that you have went through in your past life can affect your relationship with your twin flame.  If you were kind and loving in your past life, chances are you will find that your relationship with your twin flame is loving, and kind and you will have less things that you have to work through to be able to find unconditional love with them.

If you have a lot of negativity in your past life, you will have to work towards self-forgiveness and self-love so that you can call your twin flame to you and your souls can unite.