Protect Your Relationships from Loved Ones

Relationships from Loved Ones

Your relationship with your family and close friends are important, as well as your relationship with your partner. There are things that your family can give you, but your partner can’t and vice versa. The reality is this, your friends and family at times cross the line between you and your partner. It happens because YOU allow them to. Are you feeling stressed out by meddlesome friends and family? Here are four ways to protect your romantic relationship.

Set Boundaries 

Certain topics should be off limits, like how many times you have sex in a week, or how much your new partner makes at their job. Whatever questions or discussions make you or your partner uncomfortable are off the table, so be sure to stop any friends or loved ones—the first time they ask—who are being too curious. If you don’t stop them, you risk bad feelings and resentment down the road, and you don’t want your partner to have negative feelings towards you, your friends, or your loved ones.

Don’t Share Everything
It’s really easy to turn to friends and family when your partner’s choices and faults have got you stressed. But what happens once you’ve unburdened yourself? You feel better, forgive your partner, and ultimately forget that you were frustrated.

The thing is, your friends and family don’t feel better, don’t forgive, and don’t forget. You’ve just dumped a lot of drama in their laps and what you’ve said will definitely impact how they view your significant other going forward. How about keeping your fears, concerns and frustrations between you and your partner instead.

Simply Say No
If you are the type of person who has a hard time saying no, you will feel torn between your family, friends and your significant other. Learn balance. If you love your family, spend time with them—but not to the point that you neglect your significant other. And spend time with your significant other—but not to the point that you neglect your family. If one side is too demanding of your time, learn to say no.

Learn to Live Without Consent
You are an adult, and you can make your own decisions. If you love your partner, if they make you feel happy and fulfilled, then it shouldn’t matter what your friends or family think. Learn to live without their approval—if they refuse to give it to you. Learn to trust your instincts. If you know you’re with the right person, that’s all that should matter.

Your Loved Ones are Important

Your family and friends are important to you, and that’s why they can have so much influence over you. In fact, they have so much influence that they can ruin your romantic relationships—if you let them. But you have the power to make or break your relationships too.

You and only you have the power to protect your partners or throw them to the wolves. Don’t let outside influences ruin a good thing. If you are mature enough to be in a relationship, then you are mature enough to protect it and keep it whole.