Finding a Good Man

People will always complain about how hard it is to find a good man.  Even though it might be hard to find someone or meet someone new, there are good men out there.

Show Who You Are

Men love to know who you are.  Show your depth or what is in your soul.  Be real and be beautiful.

Women are able to connect and to meet new people.  Most women are compassionate and caring and men love this.  Depth looks like love and when you feel love in your heart, it will be deeper when you care for someone.  Let that space inside of you show others what love looks like.


Never go into a relationship without setting boundaries.  You can say no anytime you want to.  It is that simple.

Boundaries are something that people are afraid to set because they don’t want to turn people off. Saying no and making someone treat you with respect is okay.

Men actually like to hang out with women that have boundaries.  They want to respect you and if you have boundaries, you can tell if you are meeting a good person.

Accept Him

If you meet a new guy, you have to make them feel important.  You have to make them feel like you want to accept them into your life.

Talk to them, listen to them, engage with them.  By doing these things they will want to be close to you.

Playing hard to get is fun but it also causes men to be afraid of you.  They feel manipulated because they will not want to be with someone in that type of setting.

Be Real

Men find it interesting when a woman can be who she is and not try to impress them.  We all know that people can be who they are, but do they want to be?  Women need to learn that they can let off a vibe and make guys want to follow it.

Being real feels good but it is not always easy.  Try your best to be real with others and if someone likes you for who you are, you might have a winner.

It is a good thing in life when you can meet someone and be happy and they can celebrate who you are.


Love yourself if you want other to love you.  Self-love is the foundation of happiness and if you don’t’ love yourself, no one is going to really love you.

You have to practice being happy on your own before you find a man to try to be happy with.  Men cannot make you happy if you have not learned to love who you are and to accept yourself.

Do things in your life that promote self-love such as exercising, eating healthy, meditating, writing in a journal, meeting new people, being positive and being thankful.

You can be loved with or without a man and when you can love yourself, you will be inspired to love others.

When you are talking to men and meeting new people, remember that a guy likes a girl that can love herself.  There are great guys in the world, and you can meet them when you are ready.

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