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How to Cope With One-Sided Love?

Cope With One-Sided Love

Have you ever loved someone and they didn’t love you back? Maybe you fell for a friend, but they only see you as just a friend? Unrequited love or one-sided love can be devastating, especially when you are so much in love with someone. A lot of us have dealt …

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Interpreting Mixed Signals of Affection

That natural wish to be loved and be given all the attention and affection by intimate partners is something humans were born with. However, love makes individuals think differently due to its strong and exhausting feelings leading to misinterpretation and discrimination of interests. Ones you’re deeply in love you easily …

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5 Signs indicating the Possibility of Commitment

Can they dedicate themselves to you? Commitment is a descriptive word describing a situation where two people who are in love are ready to stay loyal and dedicated to one another. It frequently takes place without any activities involved. A dedicated or committed companion doesn’t have to use gestures to …

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Advantages of Breaking Up

The Upside to Breakups Find out the essence and benefits of your breakup regardless of how bad losing a relationship may sound. Starting Afresh Being single again after quite a long time of dating comes with a lot of opportunities and excitement. This means you have the chance to explore, …

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Signs You’re Experiencing a ‘Twin Flame’ Relationship

Unlike the traditional idea of a soul mate which means perfect matches. Twin flame are perfect mirrors. Twin flame relationships are tend to be give and take, hot and cold, black and white relationships. Twin flames relationships tend to be intensely passionate, and sometimes painful. Twin flames help us awaken …

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Sex-the ultimate cure

Are you having a bad day? Nervous about something? Not feeling confident enough? Relax. We’ve got the solution. Researchers have found that sex is the ultimate cure, regardless of your situation. Orgasm causes the brain to release Oxytocin, making one feel relaxed and energized, according to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. So …

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Control in Romantic Relationships

So much is out of our control when it comes to love. As much as we would like to be able to force somebody to fall in love with us, one thing we just can’t control is other peoples’ emotions. Further, as much as we might want a romantic relationship …

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Learning from Romantic Relationships

Having a significant other provides people with fulfillment, companionship, and someone to hang out and relax with. But being involved in a romantic relationship can also serve as a way to learn about yourself. You can learn more about who you are, and about who you want to be, not …

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