Zodiac Signs and Love

Zodiac Signs and Finding Love

Meeting someone that you feel connected to is more than just your astrological compatibilities it is something more than your Sun Signs. You will need to have similar goals and ideas and you can measure your elements of compatibility by the signs around you.

  • There are Air signs such as Aquarius, Libra and Gemini and they will love to communicate with each other.
  • The Water signs are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces and they are emotional and want to stay close to each other.
  • The Earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will be desirable and secure in their feelings.

These signs are not enough for you to have a strong relationship. Many people have compatible signs but are not right for each other. When you meet these people, you will find that your horoscopes seem to match but the signs might not point towards you.

Having strong ties in your charts means that you can be compatible, but this has to do with our meeting and how it turned out. This means you have a connection that is in your natal charts.

Link Between the Moon and the Sun

One of the biggest factors between partners is the link between the Moon and the Sun. This can mean that marriage is in store, and this can mean that the Moon is an emotional thing and a place where you reach your goals and have new memories. All of your emotions are part of your goals and can bring peace.

The link of the Moon and is part of the female chart and the Sun is the man’s chart. These aspects need to be strong in order for there to be a healthy marriage but how it works out with you will depend on the signs and where they are.

The Moon, for example, in the woman’s chart for the Cancer and the Sun with the Pisces in the man’s chart should mean marriage for these two. This is a sign that is compatible and can bring a good character to each other. They will likely be artistic and dreamy.

If the chart of the Leo with the Moon and the Sagittarius with the Sun means that they will be comforted with each other and will accomplish a lot.

The Taurus Moon and the Capricorn Sun can mean a secure life and the Libra moon, and the Gemini Sun will mean a sociable relationship.

Attraction of the Planets

The way the planets attract can change and the astrologer will look at the relationship and the planets and will know if the relationship will be easy or hard. This is where you can find out if you have shared values or not.

The Cancer and the Moon will want to have children while the Pisces Sun may want to have a bunch of friends.

If there is going to be hardships and challenges between your Sun and Moon charts, there will be tension that is made up of emotions from the Moon and then the Sun will bring about goals that need to be fulfilled.

If the Cancer picks the Aries, there could be trouble because fire and water never seem to mix. This can be an unsuccessful relationship and if the positions are reversed, this could mean that the relationship is hard to deal with.

When Signs Aren’t Successful

Relationships can work even if the signs are not successful, but the Sun and the Moon have to learn to compromise and give more than they take.

Tradition shows that the Sun and the Moon are meant to be between a man and a woman and relationships will change depending on who is with them. The interpretations of the Sun and the Moon will always be the same no matter if it is men and women or men and men or women and women. There are goals and expressions among the signs.

Interpretations of the Signs

If the Sun and the Moon bring marriage, then Venus and Mars will mean a love affair. This does not matter if they are across the charts but what matters is if there is an interpretation that is different and what the attraction is.

The love between a Venus and Mars makes being together easy. There will be attraction immediately, even though a crowd and this can be proven that they are meant to be with each other. But the question is, will this relationship be worth it? Will it be exciting enough to stay together? All of that depends on the different elements of the relationship.

What Do the Elements Attract?

Fire will attract excitement, water will attract meaningfulness, air attracts intelligence, and the earth will attract shopping for a wedding dress.

The Sun and the Moon are the most interesting sign to most astrologers. This is because there is a connection between the genders. The Yin factor is always the Moon, and the Yang is always the Sun. Venus shows people how to be romantic and how to love but it is a passionate relationship.

The Scorpio will give more passion when there is a Mars and a Cancer because the two of them will be connected by their emotions and they will love and nurture each other.

Venus and Mars Attraction

The real challenge between Venus and Mars is the excitement that these two will bring. If a Venus was in Aries and a Libra in Mars, this relationship will bring arguments constantly and the Venus will not listen to the peacemaker but when they are able to stop fighting, they will have a strong relationship.

Meeting is No Accident

When people meet, it is not by accident. This happens because of the universe and there is no accident. There are points in the chart that will be activated when people meet and when the relationship ends and a new one begins; this changes the experience that people have in their lives.

The North Mode will show an attraction as it moves from the South Node, and this is important because of the changes of the planets.

In the Seventh House, there can be marriage and if the marriage takes place, then this means there will be a partner and a valid relationship.

Some of the outer planets will give you an idea of the attraction you have. Uranus will end up with a lot of divorces and the charts might show a short-term relationship.

When Neptune begins to be in a romance, this can be negative. Pluto can be someone that is obsessive or even worse. Be careful when you are in a Plutonian relationship.

Using Your Charts and Your Signs

There is more to being in a relationship than attraction. The sun can help you to know what sign you are compatible with, but the natal charts can make it possible for astrologers to compare them. The idea between the relationships are based on understanding but they are also based on passion for yourself and your partner.

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