Would You Settle With A Selfish Man

Being with a Selfish Lover

“When you’re in love, all that you can see is the greatest quality of the guy and yes! Maybe he’s that tall, dark, and handsome but then he’s the most selfish guy you have ever met. Would you stay? Of course, you will! Because you’re not aware how selfish they are.”

How do you define a really great sexual experience? Is it between two people who have an emotional and physical connection? Or is it uninhibited and a little bit dangerous? Is it shared by people who are equally interested in each other’s pleasure? However, you define great sex, you probably know what bad, unfulfilling sex feels like. Often that’s because you’re with a guy who’s a selfish lover. Are you wondering just how selfish he is?

Check out these nine behaviors and see how many apply to him:

  1. He Always Expects You to Initiate
    He may say it’s because he never knows when you’re in the mood, but a good partner would be able to recognize the signs or know just what to do to get you in the mood. Part of being a selfish lover is being a lazy lover who never initiates sex.
  2. You’re on Call
    A man is a selfish lover if he expects you to be on call, sexually. This means that he expects you to be ready for sex whenever he wants it. And if you don’t want it too, he tries to make you feel guilty about it.
  3. He Only Likes One Position
    If you’re with a guy who’s only interested in one sexual position, his favorite, you are with a man who is selfish in bed. Sure, certain positions work better for some than others, but he should be interested in the positions you like, too.
  4. He’s Only Nice When He Wants Some
    Have you ever been with a guy who acts like a total jerk, but somehow becomes a sweetheart when he wants sex? That’s pretty manipulative and it definitely means he’s a selfish lover. Relationships take work, but if he only puts in the effort when he wants sex, you need to move on.
  5. He’s Inpatient When Your Body Doesn’t React as Expected
    Humans aren’t robots and that means your body won’t work the same all the time. When it comes to sex, your body may not always respond the same way, and that’s totally fine, except to a selfish lover. If your body isn’t doing what he thinks it should, he’ll respond with a bad attitude.
  6. He Likes to Take Shortcuts
    There are many different ways to be pleased in bed, and it’s fun to incorporate new tricks and toys to spice things up. But if your partner is looking to use whatever hurries you along, he’s a selfish lover.
  7. He Doesn’t Care About Your Orgasm
    If he’s using your body as a means to an end—his end—he’s a selfish lover. If he rolls over and falls asleep after his orgasm, without making sure you’ve had one too, you’ve guessed it, he’s a selfish lover.
  8. He Likes to Put on a Show for Himself
    Have you ever been with a man who spends more time staring at his reflection in a mirror than looking into your eyes? Yes, he’s a selfish lover because he cares more about how he looks than how you feel.
  9. It’s All Physical and Not Emotional
    The physical part of sex is easy—a selfish lover knows which parts go where. The emotional part is what’s challenging. If you’re looking for a purely physical relationship, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want that emotional connection during sex with your partner, and he’s not giving it to you, he’s selfish.